Calcium Deposits On Fingernails: Causes & How To Get Rid Of It?

Calcium is one of the most essential minerals required by the body as it strengthens the bones, teeth and nails. Many people are inquisitive and some worry when they observe white spots on their fingernails. They are actually calcium deposits which develop into white spots or white areas on the fingernails. They rarely occur on toenails.

The presence of these deposits does not indicate that you are lacking in calcium. In fact, these white spots or calcium deposits as some people call are the signs of an injury to the nail base or the matrix.

Many times calcium deposits develop after an injury and here too the same thing happens. However the injury is so negligible that a person may not even recollect it about knocking or banging his finger nail while doing some work.

It may take six to seven weeks for the white spot to appear. Deposits of calcium are temporary and they will fade away as the nail grows. However, if your body is lacking calcium, it may also affect nail health and they may become more flexible and slightest injury can lead to white spots on nails.

What Causes Calcium Deposits On Fingernails?

White spot on nails in medical terminology is called Leukonychia. The deposition can develop in number of ways as a white spot that are horizontal or vertical strands on the nail. The most common cause for white spots on nails is trauma on the nail. It may be a minor trauma on the fingernail, which may not be felt by the person while doing his routine work. But after few weeks, a white spot may develop on the nail.

Wearing tight shoes for a long time may also cause indirect injury to the nail bed, especially when a person wears tight fitting shoes or shoes that are too tight in the anterior portion.

The spots may also develop as a result of allergy to nail polish, or after an infection in the nail.

The possibility of white spots increases when the nail is weak, flexible to get traumatized easily. With intake of enough amount of calcium and zinc, your nail becomes stronger. Slightest injury thus may not lead to deposition of white spots.

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Calcium Deposits On Fingernails

Calcium deposits on fingernail are usually harmless and they go away as the nail grows. However, if they occur recurrently then you have to take few measures to get rid of them.

  • Ensure that your diet contains enough amounts of calcium and zinc. If your diet is lacking in calcium, correct it by taking calcium rich food. Milk is one of the best sources of calcium. Drink one or two glasses of milk in a day. Also other dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, have enough amount of calcium. Aside from taking care of calcium deposits on fingernails, you are also ensuring vital health of your bones and teeth by increasing the amount of calcium in your diet.
  • Other foods that are a rich source of calcium are fish, tofu, and vegetables such as broccoli. Include them liberally in your diet to increase calcium content.
  • Vitamin D is essential for proper absorption of calcium. This vitamin is available from sunlight. Remain in sunlight for at least thirty minutes in a day.
  • Reduce the intake of sodium in your diet. If you have the habit of adding excess amount of salt from outside, avoid it. Excess of salt in your diet can cause more excretion of calcium.
  • Avoid taking calcium supplements or take only on physicians recommendation. The best way to get calcium is from dietary source. When the calcium is enough in the body, the white spots will not occur as the nail naturally strengthens and it can withstand minor trauma.