Brown Toenails: Treatment, What Causes Brown or Yellow Toenails

What Causes Brown or Yellow Toenails?

Brown toenails are an unpleasant sight which creates anxiety and apprehension among many adults. Though not a cause of major concern, it is essential to promptly manage the condition to avoid any flare-ups and complications.

Tight or inappropriate foot wear is the common cause. It is manifested in the form of skin thickening. Another cause is fungal infection of the toenails which include symptoms like thickening of the nail, discoloration, pain and brittleness of the toenail.

Brown or Yellow Toenail Treatment

  • As a preventive measure avoid wearing tight footwear.
    Alternatively use sandals instead of closed footwear. Fungal infections tend to spread from moist areas, hence avoid public swimming pools, sauna baths, etc. Special precautions are required while using these public areas.
  • Trim the nails adequately, don’t try to trim them too short. They expose the skin at the end of the toe making it prone to fungal infections.
  • Treatment may include getting rid of the fungal infection using anti fungal drugs.
    Avoid taking over the counter pills without adequate medical supervision. Ensure that you keep the toenail as clean and dry as possible.
  • Keep your feet in warm water with a few drops of antiseptic added to it. Homeopathic drug silicea, taken in low potency repeated to up to six times a day hastens suppuration and relieves the toenail problem.