Trapezius Muscle Pain Causes: Home Remedies For Muscle Pain Relief

For a common man, Trapezius muscle pain may be difficult to understand. For him, it is simply pain at the sides of neck and pain in upper back area and across the shoulder blades. Trapezius muscles are pair of large triangular muscle situated in the upper back area and the base of neck. Laterally the muscle is attached to the shoulder blade.

Trapezius muscle helps the movement of neck and head, arms and shoulder blade. Trapezius muscle pain indicates that the neck muscle is over stressed or injured. The pain of trapezius muscle is often burning and aching in between the two shoulder blades.

It can also extend up to the base of skull and due to its location it can cause stiffness in neck, headaches, and sometimes can be a triggering cause for migraine.

Causes Of Pain In Trapezius Muscle

  • Desk work: Constantly sitting on desk with poor posture or working on a computer for a prolonged time can put strain on trapezius muscles. This may lead to sore muscle pain and headache.
  • Traumatic injury: Whiplash, a traumatic injury to the head and neck can cause strain to the trapezius muscle resulting in neck pain. Whiplash, sudden forward and backward movement of head can be caused in an auto accident, in sports activities.
    It can also occur as a result of physical abuse.
  • Stress and tension: Stress and tension frequently makes the trapezius muscle stiff. This may lead to tenderness and pain. Trapezius muscle pain is more common in women than in men. This is because many women feel life to be too stressful than men.
  • Carrying heavy weight: Carrying heavy weight on the back can strain trapezius muscle giving rise to pain and soreness. Carrying the load on one shoulder can also cause pain the the trapezius muscle of that side.
  • Repetitive injury: Repetitive motion can cause injury to the trapezius muscles. This is because it does not allow muscle to rest. It keeps the trapezius tight and irritated. Holding the phone between the ear and shoulder while talking can give rise to trapezius muscle pain.

Home Remedies For Trapezius Muscle Pain Relief

  • See that your trapezius muscle or the muscle of back and neck is kept relaxed and not strained all the time. For this you have to correct your sitting and standing posture.
  • Avoid your shoulders stretching towards your ears. Meaning for e.g. you should not talk on phone by keeping it in between the ears and shoulder.
  • While working on the desk, see that the elbow rests on the arm of the chair on the desk. See that your trapezius is in a relaxed position.
  • Using shoulder rolls help to reduce tight feeling in neck, shoulder, and in trapezius muscle. For this rotate the shoulders in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Do this 10 times in a day.
  • Stretching the muscle helps to eradicate lactic acid accumulated in the muscle. It is another cause for pain in muscle. Stretching benefits the trapezius muscle to elongate and helps it to return to its normal relaxed state.
  • Massage with coconut oil or massage with pain balm help to relax the stressed trapezius muscle. Massage helps to improve blood circulation in the strained area of trapezius.
  • Acupressure and warm compresses are also beneficial for relieving trapezius muscle pain.