Thumb Muscle Spasms: Causes And Treatment For Muscle Spasms

In regular daily life you may come across many people who complain of thumb muscle spasms, if you inquire in detail you may find them to be nutritionally deficient and some of them may be having neurological disorders. There may be other relevant causes which we will discuss later on.

Thumb Muscle Spasms

Thumb muscle spasm may have concomitant symptom such as tingling and numbness of the thumb.

Even if the problem seems to be minor, you should not neglect it and seek medical advice for thumb muscle spasm.

Causes Of Muscle Spasms In Thumb

Thumb muscle spasm can be due to following causes:

  • You may get thumb muscle spasm if you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Contraction of minor muscles of thumb can also cause thumb muscle spasm.
  • Over use of thumb as in case of typing, can result in thumb muscle spasm.
  • Hypocalcaemia and magnesium deficiency can also cause thumb muscle spasm.
  • Disease of nervous system such as multiple sclerosis can also cause the spam of muscles of thumb.

Thumb Muscle Spasms Causes

  • Parkinson’s disease in elderly persons can result into continuous spasm of thumb.
  • Certain drugs like diuretics, estrogen therapy can lead to this condition.
  • People consuming excessive tea and coffee, which contains caffeine may cause thumb muscle to contract.
  • left handed persons may get left thumb spasms if overused.

A neurologist may advice you for certain tests such as nerve conduction test, X-ray of thumb joint, MRI to rule out spinal and brain tumors to evaluate the cause of thumb muscle spasm.

Treatment For Muscle Spasms

Treatment of thumb muscle spasm depends on the under lying cause.

  • Giving rest to overused thumb is best way to get relief from thumb muscle spasm.
  • Proper intake of calcium which is available in milk and other dairy products is beneficial treatment in thumb spasm if the cause is hypocalcaemia.
  • Potatoes and bananas are rich source of potassium; consume them if you have thumb spasm.
  • Acidic foods should be avoided, such as tomatoes and vinegar as they prevent calcium absorption.
  • Hot fomentation will improve the blood circulation and this may give relief to thumb spasm, if circulation is improper in thumb region.


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