Pain In Thigh When Walking Causes: Treatment For Thigh Muscle Pain

Thigh pain can be linked to many factors. A mere abrupt movement or standing up after sitting down for a long time can put a strain on the leg muscles. Pain can also be experienced after engaging in physically challenging activities like sports for instance.

Causes Of Pain In Thigh While Getting Up Or Walking

A sudden sprain or injury to the muscles may be the cause of thigh pain during walking.

  • Overstretching of muscles in the thigh’s frontal region, also known as quadriceps can be painful. A numbing sensation accompanies the pain in the upper thigh.
  • Muscles in the groin might suddenly twitch due to the abrupt jerk-like movements or twists performed in sports-related activities. Muscle spasms can also result from the same type of movement.
  • Thigh pain can also be attributed to a pulled hamstring muscle, which covers the hips to the back of the knees.

Pain In Thigh When Getting Up

  • When a certain nerve called lateral femoral cutaneous nerve in the thighs is subjected to compression, it generates thigh pain.
  • Infections or tumors in the thigh bones such as osteomyelitis, Ewing’s Sarcoma and Septic Arthritis are also known to cause thigh pain.
  • Pregnant women may suffer from thigh pain when getting up due to the hormonal changes in their body.

Treatment For Pain In Thigh Muscle While Running

To determine the root cause of the thigh pain, seek a doctor’s diagnosis first.

  • Application of heat through heat packs or pads can be prescribed by doctors to relieve the pain.
  • Physical therapists work with patients who are recovering from severe thigh pain through exercises that help strengthen the muscles.
  • Massage therapists, on the other hand, use different strokes to alleviate the pain in the thighs. This type of therapy corresponds well to the positive healing effects of human touch.
  • If the pain persists, visit an orthopedic surgeon or primary care physician who can examine the affected areas, to receive proper diagnosis.
  • Suffering from a pulled groin muscle while running is nonetheless painful. Complete rest will allow the muscles to heal as it should.
  • Never attempt stretching exercises until the thigh pain has fully disappeared. Groin stretches can be done once there are no signs of pain. Strengthening the thigh muscles through exercises like inside leg raise is also recommended for areas that were affected.

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