Tendonitis Foot: Symptoms And Treatment For Inflamed Tendon In Foot

A tendon connects a muscle to a bone. It helps in movement of the muscles. Tendonitis is a condition wherein, the tendons get inflamed. It occurs because of over-use of the tendon. Also, with age, the elasticity of the tendon decreases considerably, and the tendon is a lot more vulnerable to trauma.

Symptoms Of Tendonitis Foot

It is essential to identify the condition promptly and start the treatment. It hastens cure and prevents complications. The following are the symptoms of tendonitis:

  • The chief symptom is excruciating pain. Pain increases with movement and reduced slightly with rest.
    A throbbing sensation occurs.
  • Tenderness is common
  • Stiffness
  • Red, inflamed skin

Treatment For Inflamed Tendon In Foot

  • Tendonitis aggravates with least movement, and hence, rest is very crucial. Keep the foot immobile. Complete bed rest is recommended.
  • Ice application exerts significant benefit. It soothes the tenderness, relieves pain and diminishes the inflammation and swelling. Apply the ice pack for 15 minutes, at least 5 times a day.
  • Support the foot with a splint, it limits the movement. The braces and splints are specially made to protect and help tendonitis injuries.
  • Your doctor may prescribe pain killers / analgesics to reduce the intensity of pain.
    He may also give you a cortisone injection to ameliorate the swelling and pain.
  • Massage therapy is advocated. It speeds up healing of the inflamed and impaired tendons.
  • Physiotherapy stretching exercises are a must after the swelling has subsided slightly. You can start physiotherapy after about 3 weeks. They strengthen the muscles and improve flexibility.

In case the pain does not ameliorate with the conventional therapy, you may require surgical intervention to repair the injury.