Stiff Neck From Sleeping: Neck Stiffness Wrong Sleeping Position

Stiff Neck From Sleeping Wrong

  • If you have ever fallen asleep in a chair or on your stomach and woke up with your neck aching and stiff, it is because you did not have the neck supported properly.
  • If you use too many pillows in bed, your neck is in an awkward position and out of alignment from the rest of your body. You most definitely will have a stiff neck from sleeping wrong.

Treatment and How to Relieve Stiff Neck

  • Even though it hurts, movement is the best medicine if you are certain the pain is from sleeping. Try moving the neck side to side to work out the kinks. Making circle movements will help you get some relief.
  • A heating pad or hot water bottle can decrease any inflammation in the neck and assist in relieving pain.
  • Another way how to relieve stiff neck is to alternate cold with the heat for maximum benefit.
  • Proper pillow positioning will prevent further incidents. The pillow should be medium firm, not too soft and not too hard. The neck should not be flexed in any way.
  • Cervical pillows are helpful to prevent future episodes of neck pain from improper sleeping positions.
  • The mattress on the bed should be firm enough to support your entire body and big enough to accommodate any position changes you make through the night.
  • Sleeping in a bed that is too small can cause havoc on your body long term.
  • Avoid sleeping in chairs where your head falls forward without your knowledge as you sleep.
  • Avoid sleeping on couches that are not designed for proper sleeping alignment. Go to bed when you are tired.
  • Maintain good posture in bed as well as when walking or sitting to keep the muscles strong.