Pulled Groin Muscle Recovery Time: Natural Remedies And Exercises

Groin pull refers to injury to the muscles of the inner thigh region or also referred to as ‘adductor group of muscle’. It affects the muscles that are located on the medial part of pelvis and the femur. Groin pull tends to interfere with the movement of the hip joint and is common among athletes including swimmers, football players and sprinters.

Exercises For Pulled Groin Recovery

Recent studies have shown that regular exercising focusing on preventing groin pull is beneficial for athletes like soccer players or ice hockey players. Regular exercises also hasten the process of recovery from a groin pull injury.

Some of these common exercises include,

  • Adductor Stretching: This technique is very simple but equally effective. Squat on the floor with your arms placed between the two legs. Now gradually move the knees outwards, so that the legs are pushed apart by the elbows. Hold this position for a few seconds and then return back to the original position. This strengthens the muscles of the inner thigh and reduces incidence of groin pull injury
  • Hip Abductor and Abductor Stretching: These exercises focus on the abductor muscles of the groin region and the upper thigh.
    Place your right foot forward and bend the right knee downwards. Ensure that you keep your spine erect and don’t bend the left knee. Hold this position for a few seconds and then repeat the same with the left knee. Lunge slide exercises strengthen the muscles of the thigh and prevent groin injury.

Natural Remedies For Pulled Groin Muscle

  • Rest is the most important element for recovery of groin injury. It is essential to give the muscles adequate time to heal. Limit the level of activity depending upon pain which means that in case any activity or movement causes pain, it should be avoided
  • Gentle stretches as described above are beneficial in the healing process, but should be limited. In case pain in experienced these exercises should be stopped
  • Ice application on the injury is very beneficial, especially during the first two days after the injury. Ice tends to reduce the inflammatory response in the affected region and reduces intensity of pain and edema.
  • Hot fomentation during the later part of the injury is beneficial. Local application of heat packs can improve blood circulation to the affected region and thereby hasten healing. Hot fomentation prior to gentle stretches can be beneficial.

Recovery Time For Pulled Groin

Recovery time of a pulled groin injury would depend upon the extent of the injury and the age of an individual. Recovery is quicker in younger individuals while may take longer time to heal in older people. In addition tear of muscle fibers also determines the time of recovery.

If the injury involves just a muscle strain, it can recover with a few days, while tear in muscle fibers may take up to a month to heal and completely recover.