Symptoms Of Pulled Abdominal Muscle: Causes And Home Remedies

Abdominal muscles are core muscles located in front side of the body, between the pelvis and the ribs. They are important muscles providing support to the trunk besides holding the organs of abdomen in their place. They play important role in several bodily movements. As with any muscles, abdominal muscles too can get pulled or strained.

Pulled abdominal muscles cause pain and discomfort in the abdomen. The pain may vary in intensity depending on how severe the injury is. The abdominal wall is made of different muscles namely; the rectus abdominis, external oblique and internal oblique.

Anyone or more than one muscle can be pulled.

Pulled abdominal muscle can be easily diagnosed clinically from the signs and symptoms. In most cases, it does not require any special tests or imaging techniques.

Signs And Symptoms Of Pulled Abdominal Muscle

Pain in the abdominal wall is the most important symptom of pulled abdominal muscle. The obvious discomfort due to pain is visible on the patients face. Coughing, laughing, sneezing can be painful. Depending on the severity of injury, pain can be acute or slow and insidious. Pain and discomfort are experienced more during movement such as bending forward or stretching backward.

Strain on abdominal muscles can lead to spasm of the affected muscle. Bruising and swelling of the abdominal wall are apparent in case of severe injury to the muscles. It is because of the damaged blood vessels that supply blood to the muscles.

Pulled muscles of abdomen are graded according to the severity of the symptoms caused by the injury. Grade 1 is mild pain in abdominal wall which does not restrict a person’s activity. Grade 2 is moderate pain that limits twisting and other body movements. Grade 3 is severe form of abdominal muscle strain restricting almost all normal activities due to severe pain and discomfort.

What Causes A Pulled Muscle In Abdomen?

You can strain or your abdominal muscles can be pulled due to overstretching while performing exercises or playing sports which require sudden twists and bending from the trunk. Sports which require high energy such as batting, serving during tennis, volleyball can cause pulled abdominal muscles. It can also occur due to overuse of abdominal muscles.

People who ignore warming up sessions before starting strenuous exercises can suffer from pulled muscles of the abdomen. Even strenuous coughing can cause pulled muscles. The muscles of abdomen can be strained when there are microscopic tear in the muscles. The muscle fibers are torn microscopically. In severe injury, the abdominal muscle can rupture. It mainly occurs in car accidents.

Home Remedies For Pulled Abdominal Muscle

The first thing before starting any treatment at home for pulled abdominal muscle is to rule out hernia. Hernia can be differentiated from strained abdominal muscle due to protrusion in the lower abdomen or in the groin area. If you observe any protrusion you have to seek immediate medical assistance.

Once hernia is ruled out, lie on a sofa or sit down with your feet in reclining position. While lifting heavy weight or performing exercise, if you experience stretch in your abdomen or sudden acute pain, stop performing that particular work immediately.

  • After sitting with the legs reclined place an ice bag on your stomach and abdominal area for 15 to20 minutes. Continue this procedure after every few hours throughout the day till pain reduces.
  • Non steroidal inflammatory medications are useful for immediate relief in pain. You have to consult your doctor before taking any such medicine.
  • Give rest to the abdominal muscles. Avoid doing rigorous manual work. Lie on bed for few days till you find relief in pain.
  • Take a pinch of turmeric powder and add in warm milk. Drink one glass of this milk at night daily till you find your pain in abdomen has substantially reduced. Turmeric is natural anti inflammatory. It encourages the healing of torn muscle fibers.