Numb Hands In Morning: Swollen Hand Numbness Causes, Treatment

Hand Numbness Treatment


Have you ever had the feeling of having an abnormal sensation in your hands upon waking up in the morning? The numb hands in morning sensation makes it hard for any kind of finger movements. Sometimes, you experience numb fingertips.

Swollen Hand Numbness Causes

There are numerous reasons why one should have a weak feeling on their hands everytime they wake up. The causes of hand numbness in morning can be attributed to these conditions:

  • Inappropriate sleeping position
  • Nutritional deficiency in vitamin B12
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Peripheral Neuropathy is often detected with the feeling of having numbness in the hands that lasts for some time.

How to Get Rid of Hand Numbing

To be able to treat numbness and loss of sensation in the hands, home remedies and tips to get rid of numb hands in morning should be sought.

  • Consume rosemary, matricaria recutita, and gingko biloba as these herbs help heal nerve damages.
  • Biochemic tissue salts like magnesium phosphate, kalium phosphate, and ferrum phosphoricum. They provide the nutritional needs of the brain and the nerves to promote systemic balance in the nervous system.
  • Homeopathic remedies play a significant role in healing nerve damage causing numbness.
  • Tamarind leaves can also help relieve the numbness in hands.
  • Slowly move your hands and stretch for a few seconds. Try this right every time you wake up.


  1. Sharon said:

    My both hands feel numb and painful in the morning. Pain radiates to arm. What is the reason?

    November 1, 2013
    • PUP said:

      Pain and numbness in both the hands may have many reasons. One of the foremost reasons is vitamin B deficiency. Other reason can be due to improper posture while sleeping. Carpel tunnel syndrome may also cause numbness, but is usually unilateral meaning one sided. However, it can also be a presenting symptom in both hands if a nerve in both hands is compressed. It can also be due to pinched nerve in cervical vertebra. These tips may help to alleviate the problem:
      • Eat green leafy vegetables, fruits, spinach, lean meat, eggs, milk, etc. All are rich in various B vitamins.
      • Avoid lifting heavy objects.
      • Do gentle exercises.
      • Avoid drinking alcohol.
      • Change your sleeping position if you feel sleeping in one position is the cause.
      If you do not find relief within few days consult your physician.

      November 1, 2013

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