Causes Of Non-Specific Neck Pain And Remedies For Pain Relief

Pain in neck region is very common. Almost every one of us at some point in our life may have experienced neck pain. Most cases of neck pain are not serious and at the same time the cause for neck pain remains obscure in many. Such cases are known to have non -specific neck pain. Generally the pain is abrupt and resolves after few days. It is related to minor neck muscle spasm or due to bad sitting posture.

In case of non specific neck pain, the patient has to remain active and perform all his daily work, except that which is physically hard.

Non specific neck pain does not prolong for more than few days; painkillers, massage, and other alternative ways are useful in relieving the problem without any difficulty. If the pain continues persistently, then other possibilities should be considered.

Discussing neck and its structures will make it easier to understand neck pain in general and non specific neck pain in particular. Neck is very important structure as it connects the whole body with the head. Cervical vertebra, certain ligaments and muscles are important structures at the back of our neck. There are 7 cervical vertebra, the spinal cord passes through the cervical vertebra.

The muscles and ligaments connected to spine keep it flexible. They give support and strength to the spine and allow proper bending of neck and rotation of head. Cervical nerves from the spinal cord take messages to and fro to the brain.

What Are The Causes Of Non-Specific Neck Pain?

After brief understanding about neck structure, let us know what the reasons responsible for non specific neck pain are. Non specific pain in neck is also called mechanical neck pain. The cause of non specific neck pain is not well understood. Many medical practitioners presume it to be due to minor sprain or stress in neck muscles.

If you sit in wrong posture or stoop for a long time you may strain your neck muscles and ligaments. The same thing may happen when you sleep in a wrong position and feel neck pain in the morning. In certain cases, depression, psychological stress, improper sleep may be responsible tightening of neck muscles involuntarily.

Non specific neck pain in most cases is sudden, remains for few days and resolves on its own. Sometime it may continue as chronic neck pain. However, before concluding the pain in the neck to be non specific, the doctor usually considers other differential diagnosis such as cervical spondylosis, prolapsed cervical disc, a whiplash, and infection. This is because the treatment in such conditions may be dealt with differently.

Natural Remedies For Non-Specific Neck Pain Relief

  • Except during the acute pain for a day or two, the patient should keep moving his neck. This will prevent further stiffening of neck muscles. Move your neck gently in each direction as soon as you may be able to do so. Increase the range of motion of your neck each day. Shoulder roll, upper back stretches are some of the effective stretching exercises for relieving non specific neck pain.
  • Massage is another effective home treatment valuable for neck pain. Gentle massage with essential oils relaxes the sprained neck muscles, increases the blood flow to the strained muscles and reduce inflammation.
  • Alternate cold and hot compresses help in relieving stiffness, pain and spasm of neck muscles. Cold compresses reduce pain by its numbing effect, while hot compresses help in accelerating blood circulation in neck area.
  • Modify your neck posture and sitting posture if that is the cause. If you are sitting in a bad posture, doing yoga exercise will help in rectifying your posture.
  • Pain killer and muscle relaxant medicines for few days are effective in treating acute neck pain.
  • A diet rich in magnesium, vitamin D, calcium and antioxidants is highly recommended in preventing neck pain as well in reducing from the present suffering. Eat food such as bananas, milk, dairy products, green leafy vegetables, walnuts, fish and fish oil, legumes and grains.
  • Stop smoking as it weakens the joints and adjacent muscles which may lead to neck pain.