Symptoms Of Neck Muscle Spasm: Its Causes And Home Remedies

Pain in neck is one of the most common problem experienced by all sometime or the other during their lifetime. The major reason for neck pain is spasms in neck and shoulder muscles. Overuse, faulty postures while sitting and sleeping, injury, can make the muscles rigid, leading to involuntary contractions or spasms.

Neck spasm is not serious illness and it resolves over a period of time. But during this period, patient experiences discomfort in his daily life due to pain as well as restriction in neck movement. There are several effective home remedies to relieve neck muscle spasm.

What Causes Neck Spasms?

Muscle spasm is an involuntary act of one muscle or a group of muscles. Neck muscle spasm occurs either due to strain or because of tension in the muscles. It can be due to physical cause or mental stress. Here are different causes of neck muscle spasm.

  • Overuse is one of the major causes of neck spasm. Overuse can be due to lifting of heavy weight or performing strenuous exercise.
  • Faulty posture while sitting on chair for long time or lying down during sleep can strain neck muscles leading to neck pain.
  • Muscle tension due to stress can involuntarily cause spasm on neck region.
  • Cervical spondylosis due to wear and tear of cervical bone.
  • Disc herniation in cervical spine.
  • Side effects of certain medications.
  • Fibromyalgia, a chronic muscle condition producing difficulty in movement of neck as well as pain in neck.
  • Fracture of cervical spine.

Symptoms Of Muscle Spasm In Neck

Main symptom of neck spasm is pain in neck and difficulty in neck movement. The severity may depend on underlying cause. Often there are several other symptoms accompanying, those of underlying disorder which has triggered neck spasm.

  • Pain in neck, shoulder and upper back.
  • Restricted neck movement.
  • Patient is unable to move his neck freely.
  • Pain in neck while moving shoulder.
  • Occipital headache.
  • Numbness and tingling in arms and shoulder.
  • Weakness in muscles.
  • Stiffness in the neck.

Home Remedies For Neck Muscle Spasms

Neck spasm is not a serious ailment, and over a period of time the condition heals on its own even without treatment. However, since neck spasm can cause restriction in neck movement and pain, both affecting daily life of a person, treatment measures are necessary.

Conventional medicines such as anti inflammatory pain killers and muscle relaxants are beneficial to alleviate the condition and enhance the recovery. These medicines can produce side effects if taken for a long period of time. Many people prefer to take home remedies to alleviate the condition.

  • Massage is one of the best home treatments to treat neck spasm. Massage specialist with their proper technique can reduce tension and strain in the neck muscles. It encourages increased flow of blood thus helps in speeding up of recovery process.
  • Often neck spasm results from emotional stress such as anxiety, tension, anger and frustration. Adopting relaxing techniques such as yoga and meditation will help in relieving the muscle spasm.
  • Hot water fomentation is useful in treating neck pain and spasm.
  • Eat foods that are high in calcium and potassium. Both are essential for maintaining healthy muscles. Milk, bananas, almonds, flax seed, sesame seeds, tofu, prunes contain high amount of this minerals.
  • After the pain has reduced, start neck physical exercises as explained by the physician.

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