What Are The Main Causes Of Muscle Weakness & Fatigue In Arms?

Muscles are said to be tired and fatigued when they are unable to perform voluntary act of movement either once or in repetition. Any muscle in the body may be affected which also includes muscles of arms. Muscles may be affected by a disease process originating in the muscles itself or may be due to those involving spinal cord or the central nervous system.

Muscle fatigue in arm causes decreased strength in arm. The onset may be spontaneous or may progress over a period of time. The condition may be unilateral or in some cases muscles of both arms are affected.

With weakness and fatigue of arm muscle, patient is unable to perform his daily routine work.

Treatment is aimed to identify and cure the underlying cause which is responsible for muscle fatigue in arm. In some cases physical therapy helps to improve muscle strength. If there is associated pain, NSAID’s and pain relieving medicines will alleviate both the problems.

Common Causes Of Muscle Fatigue In Arms

Muscle fatigue or muscle weakness in arms can arise from variety of factors. It can be directly associated with disorders of muscles or problem pertaining to nervous system disorder, bone and joint disorder etc.

  • Direct injury to arm muscles or repetitive stress injury can be one of the leading causes of muscle fatigue and weakness in arm. Muscles of arm are made up of thousands of fibers which are placed in longitudinal axis. An injury to arm can damage the muscle fibers and this may be a reason for weakness of muscles in arm.
  • Muscle fatigue in arm can also result due to repetitive injury to muscles as while playing certain sports such as tennis, badminton or weight lifting. Operating a typewriter and computer keyboard and mouse can cause overuse of muscles of forearm. This may result in pain and weakness of muscles of arm and forearm.

o   One of the simplest ways of dealing this is to reduce or stop these activities completely to let the muscles heal on their own. Massage, ice and warm fomentation can also reduce fatigue in arm gradually. Beside physiotherapy exercises play important role in strengthening fatigues and weak muscles of arm.

  • Fibromyalgia is a muscle disorder which is characterized by weakness and fatigue of muscles in various parts of body at the same time. This also includes muscles of arm. Pain is accompanied symptom of this muscles disorder. There are tender points especially on the shoulder and on the outer aspect of elbow. The other important features of this condition are arthritis, depression, and headache. This condition is treated appropriately by a doctor with medications and physiotherapy exercises.
  • Certain neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis can cause weakness and fatigue in one or both the arms. This nervous system disorder is an autoimmune disease where the outer layer of the nerve called the myelin sheath gets degenerated and the nerve is exposed and gets damaged easily. MS is gradual in onset. One of the symptoms of MS is weakness and fatigue in arm besides pain, blurred vision and tingling numbness etc.

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