Muscle Fatigue In Legs Causes: How To Treat Fatigued And Tired Legs

At some point in our life, all of us have experienced pain and fatigue in our legs. It is common when we do long and tiresome works, stand for a long time, perform lot of physical exercise or simply walk a long distance. In such a situation a person generally feels better after taking some rest. However, when you experience fatigue and pain in your legs for a long duration, while walking or even at rest, you should immediately consult your physician, as fatigue leg may be symptom of some underlying health condition.

In order to evaluate the cause of fatigue leg, your physician needs to know proper history, what has brought this condition and since how long you are suffering from the symptom and how do you feel better. He may also advise you to do tests such as color Doppler of veins and arteries of legs, blood tests etc to find the possible cause. Fatigue leg is a symptom and not a disease in itself. It can be due to several causes. Let us know some main causes of fatigue leg.

Causes Of Muscle Fatigue In Legs

Fatigue leg is often caused due to over exertion.

It is one of the simple and frequent causes of fatigue and pain in your legs. It happens in athlete who has over strained and over stretched his leg muscles especially his calf muscles and muscles of the thigh. An overenthusiastic person who exercises intensely for a long period finds his legs getting fatigued easily, especially if he has not done warm up exercises. He may find his leg being fatigued with sudden increase in his exercise schedule after long inactive phase.

The other most important cause of fatigue leg syndrome is due to circulatory disturbances in the lower leg. Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is the common cause. PAD is caused due to atherosclerotic changes in the arteries of the leg. The plaque in the arteries blocks proper circulation of blood in the legs resulting into pain and leg fatigue. The classical symptom of PAD is pain in calf muscles while climbing the stairs or walking, and ameliorated after rest. The disease is common in old people and in those having history of cigarette smoking since years. It is also common in diabetics and patients suffering from high cholesterol.

When all other causes are excluded, and the specific cause is not determined, the condition is diagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome. The other symptoms of this condition include generalized muscle aches, insomnia and headache, depression is associated with this disorder and a person often improves after treating depression.

How To Treat Fatigued And Tired Legs?

  • Hot water bath or submerging your fatigued legs in hot water gives you relief from symptoms.
  • Hot water bath increases circulation, relives fatigue and pain. It is natural remedy for fatigue legs.
  • Massage your legs with olive oil or coconut oil. Massage helps in improving the circulation of blood in leg. It also relaxes the strained muscles.
  • Elevation: while lying in bed elevate your legs by keeping two pillows under your leg.
  • When the leg muscles are tensed, use of ice packs relaxes the muscles.
  • In order to alleviate fatigue legs, you have to eat nutritious diet. Nutritional deficiency has been associated with fatigue legs.
  • Eat potassium rich foods as potassium is necessary for leg muscles. Banana is rich in potassium. Eat two to three bananas daily, it helps in strengthening muscles of leg and prevents cramps.
  • Eat diet rich in calcium and vitamin E.
  • Reduce intake of alcohol and stop cigarette and tobacco.