Burning Pain In Forearm Causes And Symptoms: Treatment For Wrist Pain

Burning pain in forearm is really irksome. A person who has this type of pain in his forearm and wrist may not be able to do his normal work in the daytime; it also disturbs his sleep at night.

Burning is often accompanied with swelling, which indicates inflammatory changes going on in the forearm. If it is so, a person should always consult a physician for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Symptoms And Causes Of Burning Pain In Forearm

As there are numerous causes for burning forearm, let us discuss one by one with its symptoms:

Burning pain indicates that your sensory nerve is damaged, injured or diseased.

It may be a pressure applied directly to the nerve, or at the root of its origin in the spinal cord. This type of burning pain is seen when the nerve gets entrapped. The most common condition resulting in burning forearm are:

  • Cervical spondylosis: the root of the nerve is pinched in the cervical region which gives lightening and current like sharp pain in the forearm. The pain may be felt all along the arm.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: carpal tunnel is a passage in the wrist.
    It is through this tunnel the medial nerve and the tendons of the forearm muscles pass and attach to the finger joints. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the medial nerve is pinched in the carpel tunnel. It causes burning pain in forearm and wrist.
  • Tennis elbow can also give rise to burning pain in the forearm and difficulty in moving the elbow joint.
  • Diabetic neuropathy is a disease condition that affects the nerve of forearm.
  • Herpes zoster is a viral disease, which gives burning sensation if the forearm nerve is involved.
  • Chemical burns, sunburns, can cause burning pain in forearm.
  • Any injury to the forearm and arm can cause burning pain.
  • Vitamin B complex deficiency is important cause for tingling and burning pain in forearm.
  • Sometimes an anxious person complains of burning pain in forearm.
  • Infection such as boils and abscesses on forearm can cause burning pain.

Treatment For Pain In Forearm And Wrist

As you know there are several causes for burning pain in the forearm, a person suffering from it has to seek medical intervention and get rightly diagnosed.

After evaluating the reason of burning pain, your doctor may suggest treatment accordingly.

However there are home remedies that complement the normal line of treatment suggested by your physician that you can opt for. You can ask your physician before starting the treatment.

  • Ice compression is a successful way of treating the pain in the forearm. Put few ice cubes in a towel and compress the affected area for few minutes. Repeat this procedure three to four times in a day.
  • Rest is vital: give rest to the affected forearm and wrist joint for few days. Rest to the joint helps to relieve the inflammation as it happens in carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Do not sit for long hours in front of computers or watch TV for a long time. Take a break in between.
  • Wear a carpal tunnel splint while you are working on your computer, if you are suffering from the disease.
  • Eat food rich in vitamin B complex, especially B6 in your diet. Meat, chicken, fish, turkey, potatoes, sunflower seeds, avocados, mangoes and bananas are all rich source of this vitamin.
  • Keep your blood sugar under control. Walk for 45 minutes daily.
  • Shed extra weight by doing exercise.