Low Iron Saturation Treatment: Causes Of Low Iron Levels In Blood

Iron is an essential component of the blood. Its very existence gives red color to the blood. It plays an important role in forming hemoglobin and other body enzymes. Hemoglobin is responsible for carrying oxygen to various body organs and tissues. If there is proper iron storage in your body, your immunity remains strong.

Low iron in body is responsible for many unwanted conditions. In the same way high iron content than what is required in the body is also detrimental to health. Laboratory tests can detect serum iron and other iron tests ascertain the underlying cause of low or high iron ration in the body.

What Does Low Iron Saturation Mean?

The meaning of iron saturation is body’s ability to transport iron or bind iron. The nutrients from our food are absorbed by the intestine. When iron is absorbed completely by the intestine from the food that is consumed, it is transported to organs of its destination with the help of blood protein called transferrin.

When iron absorption is low from the intestine, it gives rise to a condition called low iron saturation. If the iron absorption is high, it gives rise to high iron saturation. Iron saturation is measured in percentage.

The normal iron saturation is 15 to 50% for males and 10 to 45% for females.

However the parameters differ from one laboratory to another marginally. Usually your doctor advises three tests together, iron saturation, total iron binding capacity (TIBC), and serum iron. If the laboratory test shows low level of iron saturation and low serum iron, it indicates iron deficiency anemia.

Low Iron Levels In Blood Causes And Symptoms

Your intestine will absorb whatever iron containing food you eat. It your food is deficient in iron, the same amount is going to be absorbed. You are bound to suffer from iron deficiency anemia in that case.

Vegetarians are more vulnerable for iron deficiency for that matter. Another important cause for low saturation of iron is when you have intestine problem. Intestinal disorders can also cause iron deficiency anemia. Parasitic infestations, blood loss due to hemorrhoids can also cause low level of iron in the blood.

Heavy blood flow during menstruation is generally a cause for anemia in women. Pregnancy is another major cause of anemia in women.

The symptoms associated with low iron saturation are, tiredness, dizziness, breathlessness on exertion, pale face and skin, sore tongue, headache etc. low blood pressure is also one of the symptom of low saturation of iron.

Treatment Of Low Iron Saturation

Find the underlying cause for low iron saturation. Unless it is not taken care, you may still suffer from anemia even though you take all treatment and food to correct it.

Eat a well balanced diet. To normalize the iron saturation in the blood, a person has to eat iron containing food. Meat, fish, eggs, and poultry are rich source of iron. Vegetarians have to depend on foods that contain iron such as green vegetables, spinach, dates, apricot, jaggery, beetroot, grains and beans etc.

Vitamin C helps to absorb iron. Therefore it is necessary to eat fruits which are high in vitamin C. Vitamin B12 also aids in iron absorption, liver is a rich source of vitamin B12. Herbs such as dandelion, barley green, and alfalfa are rich source of vitamins and minerals.

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  1. Katharine said:

    Thank you very much for this information. I have a slew of things wrong with me – Hypothyroidism, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Myofascial pain syndrome, severe cervical spine DDD with severe arthritis, bony spurs, Foraminal narrowing, bulging and herniated discs, osteoarthritis in both knees, hips, hands, elbows, chodicostronditis, COPD, Diabetes, Occipitalalgia, Overall Pain syndrome, and low Ferritin, low Hemoglobin, low iron saturation in my blood, Achalasia, Post op Myotomy, Partial Fundoplication, hiatal and umbilical hernia repairs.

    I thought I was short of breath because of COPD, and I was exhausted and have a hard time exercising because of Fibromyalgia and horrible insomnia, and Restless leg syndrome. I have severe constipation, bloody stools and wipe blood. I have had many strictures prior to surgeries that had to be dilated. I sound like I am a mess. I don’t intend to be complaining, just letting you know how eye opening and well done your article is. I also had a severe overgrowth of yeast in my esophagus and, years ago, in my stool. I am scheduled for an Endoscopy with possible biopsy and colonpscopy with same.

    October 29, 2017

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