Calcium Health Benefits | Diet for Hypocalcemia, Low Calcium Level


What are some of the conditions calcium deficiency can cause?


Calcium is one of the most required elements in our body for its normal cell function, bone structure, conduction of nerve signals and in blood clotting.

Regulation of calcium in our body is maintained by parathyroid hormone (PTH), vitamin D, calcitonin, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Most of the calcium that is 99%, is found in the bones, the rest 1% is found in extracellular fluid.

Lack of calcium in the body is called hypocalcemia.

Hypocalcemia Causes

  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Hypoparathyroidism
  • Acute pancreatitis
  • Renal tubular disorders
  • Renal failure
  • Hypomagnesaemia
  • Hyperphosphatemia
  • Sepsis and toxic shock
  • Medicines such as cemetidine, estrogen, phenytoin, Phenobarbital,

Clinical manifestation of low calcium level in the blood:

  • Muscles cramps, breathlessness, Tetany, tingling sensation in the extremities.
  • Tetany is the special variety of paroxysmal cramps occurring mainly in the exteremeties. It is increased excitability of nerves and the muscles to electrical or mechanical stimulation as a result of decreased calcium in the circulation this results in tetany. It can be elicited by compression of nerves of blood vessels supplying the affected part.
  • Dry skin or psoriasis
  • Irritability, fits, confusion,
  • Cardiac arrhythmias and prolonged QT intervals,

Hypocalcemia Treatment

If it is acute, intravenous infusion of calcium gluconate is necessary under physician supervision in a hospital.

The underlying cause of hypocalcaemia should be found out. And if hypocalcaemia is chronic, the calcium supplements, and vitamin D should be give simultaneously.

Some home remedies containing high calcium content.

Calcium rich food:

  • Milk and milk products
  • Vegetables: Broccoli, watercress, red kidney beans, cabbage, peas, turnips, Soya beans, lady’s finger are rich source of calcium.
  • Nuts: Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts.
  • Spices: Coriander, mustard, cumin contain fair amount of calcium.
  • Fish: Salmons and sardines.

Daily requirement of calcium:

  • For 12 months baby: – 270mg/ day.
  • Children from 1 to 3 years: – 500mg/day
  • Children from 4 to 8 years: – 800mg/day
  • Children’s from 9 to 18 years: – 1300mg/day
  • Adults between 18 to 50 years: – 1000mg/day
  • Above 50 years:- 1200mg/day.