Causes Of Waist Pain In Men: What Are Its Treatment Options?

Pain in waist is something that everyone may have experienced at some point in their life. Waist pain can affect our day to day life. In fact it is one of the major causes of absenteeism from work, especially among men. Waist is a large area situated between the upper end of pelvic bone and the 12th rib, the lowest portion of rib cage.

The area of waist consists of many organs. At the back it is supported by spine and muscles attached to the spine. In front it consists of abdominal muscles and the organs situated in the lower abdomen such as the small intestine, appendix, kidney, urinary bladder, etc.

Waist pain in men can occur if any organs or tissues of waist area are affected with medical conditions or due to trauma injury. Waist pain can be either sudden in onset and of chronic origin. It can be excruciating or mild and debilitating depending on the underlying pathology causing the pain.

Common Causes Of Waist Pain In Male

There are many causes associated with waist pain in men. The cause can be as minor as wearing a tight fitting belt around the waist to more serious cause such as appendicitis.

  • One of the major causes for waist pain in men is due to strain and stress on the back muscles.
    Lifting heavy objects, trying to move heavy immovable objects, sudden bending and twisting while working can pull the muscles of back or the abdomen. This may lead pain in the waist.
  • A direct blow or an injury resulting from fall or an accident can cause damage to the muscle fibers of lower back leading to waist pain.
  • Wearing clothes that are too tight may lead to strain and spasm of waist muscles.
  • Sitting for a long time on chair while doing desk work is also a common cause for waist pain in men.
  • In men slipped disk is common factor for pain in waist. It is a spinal condition where spinal disk bulges out of its place and puts pressure on the cartilage. The cartilage compresses the spinal nerves originating from the spinal cord causing severe radiating pain all around the waist. The pain may also radiate to legs from the back.
  • Many obese men suffer from chronic waist pain. The spine and tissues of back has to bear extra burden of fat and it causes strain on the muscles of back.
  • Waist pain in men can occur due to medical conditions such as renal stone, and acute appendicitis.
  • Many men suffer from waist pain due to mental stress. Anxiety and mental strain can cause spasm of muscles in waistline.

Treatment Options For Pain In The Waist Area

Pain in waist is extremely discomforting, especially for men as it may affect his daily activities as well as office work. There are several treatment methods to deal with pain in lower back and waist. Treatment of the underlying medical problem is also important to relieve waist pain.

  • Waist pain in most cases can be treated by following healthy lifestyle, reducing weight and maintaining good posture.
  • Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes and trousers if this is the cause for recurrent waist pain.
  • Warm fomentation on the sore area alleviates pain. If it results from external injury to muscles, patient may benefit from alternative therapy such as massage, acupressure and homeopathic medicines.
  • If the pain around waist occurs due to slipped disk, avoid lifting heavy objects or sitting in awkward postures. Complete bed rest for few days helps in healing of the sore area around waistline. Sometimes to relieve severe pain, patient may require anti inflammatory medicines and pain killers to relieve pain.
  • Stretching and yoga exercise are beneficial for alleviating pain.
  • Medical and surgical treatment may be necessary to cure waist pain if it is caused due to appendicitis and kidney stones. Homeopathic medicines such as parrera brava, canthris, lycopodium are useful in expulsion of kidney stones.


  1. AN said:

    I am a tricycle driver. Frequently I experience waist pain. I drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. Can these both habits cause pain in my waist?

    March 15, 2018
    • PUP said:

      Tobacco and alcohol both can affect sacroiliac joint, spine, and several other joints of the body. Tobacco smoking causes calcium loss from the bone and thus it leads to early osteoporosis of bone. Bone becomes weak. Besides alcohol and tobacco both have several bad effects on health. Hence you must stop both these habits. Riding a tricycle can be strenuous. This may affect your spine and pelvic bone together. One of the reasons for your wait pain can be strenuous activity, but tobacco and alcohol both aggravate the condition. You must consult your health care practitioner for examination and further treatment.

      August 14, 2018

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