Causes Of Pain In Penis: Causes & Treatment For Scrotum Itching

Question: I am having pain in penis and itching in adjoining area of scrotum and anus. Is it a sexual problem?

Answer: Penis is a male sexual organ located externally. It has two functions; it is a reproductive organ and also serves as a passage to void urine out of the body. Penis has three parts, the base which is attached to the body, the shaft and the head or the tip.

Pain in penis can occur in anyone part or the whole organ. Pain can result from several reasons such as an infection, disease, or an injury.

Children as well as adults both are susceptible to penile pain; of course the cause may differ. Treatment of pain in penis depends on the underlying cause.

What Are The Causes Of Pain In Penis?

  • It can be due to insect bite associated with redness and itching.
  • Herpes genitalia can give rise to pain in penis. Herpes is a viral infection characterized by small bumps filled with fluid. Often there is pain before development of sores.
  • Balanitis: It is the infection under the fore skin and head of the penis. Usually the problem occurs in men who have not done circumcision and do not wash the foreskin regularly.
    This condition can also prevail as a result of allergy to soaps or a fungal infection. Balanitis is common in male having uncontrolled diabetes.
  • Inflammation of the prostate gland.
  • Any injury to the penis. Fracture of penis is an uncommon emergency consisting of rupture of penile parts. It is caused from a blunt trauma over an erect penis. It is a rare condition that occurs during sexual intercourse, especially in women on top position. Prompt diagnosis and expeditious surgical repair are vital to ensure good aesthetic and functional outcome. A car accident, putting a ring around the penis in order to prolong erection time or insertion of objects inside the penis can also give rise to excruciating pain in penis.
  • Peyronie’s disease is caused as a result of scar tissue formed after an inflammation. It is a painful condition especially when the penis gets erect. In this condition the penis bends when it gets erect.
  • Urithritis as a result of urinary tract infection. It is common in women but men can also suffer from UTI. Bacteria can travel in the urinary tract after sexual intercourse with an infected individual either through vaginal or anal penetration.
  • Sexually transmitted disease such as gonorrhea, Chlamydia can give rise to pain in penis.

Causes And Treatment For Scrotum Itching

The skin of your scrotum may have fungal infection, producing itching over the scrotum and peri anal area.  It can also be due to contact dermatitis. The skin becomes moist. Fungal infection around this area is common as a result of restricted air movement.

If you are wearing tight undergarments the risk increases. Also wearing wet undergarments may result in such infection.

Applying anti fungal applications helps to control itching and treat the condition. You should also wear loose cotton clothing to avoid moisture in the groin area and allow free air movement.

As you have not given any history of sexual exposure, it is very difficult to tell whether it is due to any type sexually transmitted disease.

Consult the doctor for physical examination.