Natural Remedies For Low Energy In Males: Causes & Symptoms

Most of the individuals at some point in their life experience the lack of energy and fatigue. It is common if you overwork or spend sleepless night for some reason. This can lead to both mental and physical fatigue. Women as well as men may have lack of energy; however, the reasons in males may not be the same as females.

Transient lack of energy can be normal phenomenon, but if it persists for long duration it can be an indication of some health condition that needs be searched for.

Causes Of Low Energy In Males

There are many causes for feeling tired and unenthusiastic, having low energy among men.

Here are some important causes that may cause persistent lack of energy.

  • Excess and prolonged stress can drain away all energy in men. Stress and strain to some extent in life is normal and may be good. However, men undergoing too much stress at workplace or in relations can have detrimental effect on their health; perhaps the first to get affected is his reserve of energy and motivation.
  • Testosterone is considered to be male hormone. Its production in males is more than females. The peculiar male characteristic is due to testosterone. Optimum testosterone level is instrumental for the driving energy force in males.
    As males grow older, testosterone level falls to some extent. In some it may be more than normal. Low testosterone level can cause lack of energy, sexual debility, increase tendency to gain weight, reduced sleep etc.
  • Poor nutrition can lead to anemia. Many males suffering from anemia feel weak and low in energy.
  • Thyroid disease, especially hypothyroidism can produce lack of energy. It is an autoimmune disease where there is imbalance of thyroid hormone. This disease is more common in females but some males can also be affected.
  • Insomnia can seep away all your energy. Sleep is essential for replenishing energy after a hard day work. In fact you should be sleeping like a log as it helps to repair the system. Males suffering from insomnia for long duration have low energy during daytime.
  • Smoking, excess of alcohol, living sedentary life, dehydration, all can be contributing factors for low energy level.
  • Many other serious health issues such as kidney failure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and chronic pulmonary disease can cause low energy drive in males.

Symptoms Of Low Energy Levels

Low energy level in men can cause poor performance in all spheres of life. He may feel weak and debilitated. Poor erection and lack of desire for sex are common findings of low energy level in men. Males having lack of energy may suffer from their performance at workplace. They feel lethargic even after doing some minor work.

Low energy level for prolonged period may lead to weight gain if the underlying cause is testosterone deficiency. It can also affect the mood as the males become irritated and depressed quickly and they may not be able to focus on one subject.

Natural Remedies For Low Energy In Males

There are many reasons for low energy in males. So it is important to detect the exact cause and take measures to correct it. Below are given effective home remedies to rev up male stamina and energy.

  • It is necessary to stay physically active. Moderate exercise daily will keep you strong and energetic throughout the day. A walk for half an hour, swimming, cycling or any outdoor games is beneficial to maintain high energy level. Physical activity increases circulation and secretion of feel good hormones. It makes you feel energetic and more youthful.
  • Avoid too much of caffeinated drinks and excess of alcohol.
  • Testosterone plays key role in male sexual drive besides several other bodily functions, bone density, etc. Obesity can also cause low testosterone. Zinc deficiency can often lead to low T level and subsequently low energy. Eat foods that are rich in zinc. Beans, nuts, crabs, lobster, oysters, whole grains are densely packed with zinc.
  • If you are anemic, find the underlying cause of anemia. If poor dietary intake is the cause, eat foods that are having high nutrition value and iron. Take anti-helminthic treatment if the cause is intestinal worms. Males with severe anemia may also need supplementary intake of iron and vitamin B12.
  • Green tea is known to increase your stamina and energy. The antioxidants present in it fight weakness. It also helps to induce better sleep.
  • The level of your energy can be affected with magnesium deficiency. Bananas, green leafy vegetables, seeds and nuts, avocado, dark chocolate are rich source of magnesium.

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