Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS): Symptoms, Treatment & Causes

This is medically termed as andropause and results from biochemical changes, hormonal imbalances, loss of male identity and stress. Of all these causes, it has been studied that stress is the major factor that can trigger the onset of the syndrome.

Causes of Irritable Male Syndrome

Below are some facts that are associated with IMS or irritable man syndrome:

  • There are many external factors that can lead to the development of the syndrome. These factors include certain medications, unhealthy diet, alcohol addiction, poor sleeping habits, and surgery.
  • Cortisol and estrogen levels increase while testosterone levels drop when male patients have IMS or irritable male syndrome.

Symptoms of (IMS) Irritable Man Syndrome

  • Some of the most common symptoms that can be observed include anger, frustration, anxiety, irritability, and hypersensitivity. These emotions are often mixed up and can explode without any reason at all.
  • Mood swings are the most prevalent symptom of this syndrome.
  • The physical, psychological, social, and even overall health of a male patient can be affected with this syndrome.
  • Changes in the hormonal levels which can cause the syndrome can also bring out its own set of symptoms. These symptoms include stomach cramps, headaches, hot flashes, lack of arousal or libido, and backaches.
  • Common behaviors that can be displayed by a male patient that has irritable male syndrome include being sarcastic, always tensed, very argumentative, frustrated, often demanding, have sad feelings, impatient, dissatisfied, hostile, withdrawn, unloving, and defensive. Most of these symptoms are displayed without any apparent reason that is why male patients that have this syndrome are often hard to handle.
  • Acting Out

Treatment for Irritable Male Syndrome

  • Treating irritable male syndrome can involve the use of topical creams like androgels which are male progesterone creams.
  • Taking supplements and other foods that are rich in calcium and magnesium are often advised by doctors in treating irritable male syndrome.
    Saw palmetto can also be used in terms of hormonal imbalances and other problems of the prostrate.
  • Bioidentical hormone therapy is also another treatment option that can be tried out by patients with IMS. This therapy involves replenishing hormones that have been lost with bioidentical hormones. These are natural hormones that have the same molecular components to some hormones that cause IMS like progesterone, cortisol, estrogen, testosterone, and estradiol. The therapy is usually integrated with proper nutrition and an exercise program.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating the right kinds of foods, regular exercise, avoiding stress, and having enough sleep can help in treating IMS.