Massage For Stress Relief: Anti-Stress Massage Oil And Technique

The pressure of daily life takes its toll on the body. In this computer age, working for long hours subjects the body to various pressures, and to cope up with it, a person has to perform some type of maintenance activities. Stress for long duration builds up tension in the body. And eventually it manifests itself as aches and pain in muscles and joints or as mental disease.

Massage helps to alleviate these symptoms and it does so by restoring balance and releasing energy blockages. Massage can help to reduce anxiety in young people.

It can help to alleviate growing pain during the growth spurt years in teenagers. Older people benefit from massage both at physical level as well psychological level. It relieves muscle strain and improves circulation. Thus regular massage for elderly individual allows him to live an active lifestyle.

Stress Relief Massage Therapy Techniques

Create right atmosphere for massage. Creating right atmosphere for massage is very important to reap all its benefits. Wherever possible choose natural fabric to lie upon during the massage session. Color plays an important part in your mood and confidence levels, and absorption of the color spectrum stimulates the chakras, the body’s invisible energy centers.

Use dim lights and candle lights. The room should be well ventilated if essential oil is used for massage. Soft music in the massage room will definitely aid in relaxing the stressed mind. Avoid disturbance in the room, unplug the telephone.

Stress relief massage therapy is conducted on individuals who want to reduce stress in their daily routines, relax the mind, improve blood flow, strengthen the immune system, and reduce physical pain.

  • Close your eyes then put your thumbs under the eyebrows at the inner corner of each eye socket. Gently press your thumbs and move them in small circles outward your eyebrows and all around your eyes. Repeat the process several times.
  • Place one hand under your foot and the other on top. Stroke the entire foot three to four times then start working on the toes as a stress relief massage. Grab each toe then knead it gently, squeeze lightly then pull it outward. Rotate each toe using your fingers.
  • You can also make circular movements using your knuckles or fingers on the ball and arch of your foot. Make circular movement then rub and stroke the ankle. Finish this massage technique by stroking the entire area.
  • Relieve stress by stroking your hand then squeeze the entire area. Take each finger then squeeze and rub it lightly. Make hard circular motions on the joint of your fingers. With your thumb, rub the tendons at the back of your hand then move across the palm in circular motion. Finish this massage technique by simply moving your hand.
  • For stiff neck, apply stress relief massage oil or anti stress massage oil of your choice then grab your left shoulder with your right hand. Start kneading then work your way on the entire shoulder up to your neck then move to your right shoulder using your left hand.