What Is A Shiatsu Foot Massage? Its Benefits and Techniques

There are numerous pressure points on the feet, each correlated with various organs of our body and their functioning.

During Shiatsu foot massage, therapists not only use finger pressure, but also use their thumbs, knuckles and palms. Sometimes they also use their knees and feet to gently massage appropriate meridian points, stimulate them and improve functioning of the related systems.

Techniques Of Shiatsu Foot Massage

  • You will have to lie down on a massage table or a mattress for getting this massage.
  • Before starting actual massage, therapists will gently rub the surface of the feet for a little warm up to loosen the feet and prepare for the massage.
  • To massage the soles of your feet; therapists close their fingers to form a fist and perform kneading. This means they will keep pressing their knuckles on your feet, starting from the heel of the foot and move to the toes.
  • Some therapists may also use their knees to massage the soles of your feet.
  • To massage the sides of the feet, therapists will use thumbs or finger pressure and glide along the sides from the toes to the back of the feet and repeat action.
  • To relax the toes, therapists will slide their fingers between the toes, pull the toes, squeeze and rotate them.
  • There is another technique, “Barefoot Shiatsu”, wherein therapists use their bare feet to massage your feet. In this technique, the recipient needs to be lying on the floor on a mattress.
  • Therapists stand with their back to you, with their toes on the ground and their heels touching soles of your feet. Gradually, they will start pressing with their heels, starting from the arch of your foot moving up towards the heels and repeat this several times.

Benefits Of Shiatsu Foot Massage

  • Relieves foot pain and relaxes the foot.
  • Reduces or prevents headaches.
  • Lessens eye strain and stress.
  • Eases stomach aches, promotes functioning of kidneys, bladder and excretory system.
  • Relieves spinal pain, improves posture.
  • Relief from sciatic pain.
  • Stimulates lymphatic system to clear body toxins.
  • Stimulates nerves controlling lungs and entire bronchial system.
  • Overall sense of relaxation and well-being.