Shiatsu Facial Massage Benefits: Relieve Stress And Headaches

Shiatsu is a Japanese word that means “finger pressure”. It is derived from “shi” which means fingers and “atsu” meaning pressure. Shiatsu is based on the philosophy that vital energy flows through body in series of channels called meridians.

Shiatsu massage technique involves the use of fingers, palm to apply pressure to particular meridian points on the surface of the body to correct imbalances, maintain and promote good health.

Shiatsu can be used to treat various minor problems such as headache, anxiety, back pain, sleeplessness etc. With this massage therapy a person may find relief even in one session as it stimulates the energy flow along the channels.

Facial massage involves a blend of light pressure strokes applied on face and neck region. Facial massage is a renowned treatment to achieve softer, smoother, healthier, glowing, youthful skin. It helps slow down aging process as well as removes stress, anxiety, tension, headaches.

What is Shiatsu Facial Massage?

In shiatsu facial massage, mild pressure is applied on certain meridian points located on face and neck. The finger pressure may be in circular motion or gentle strokes. Shiatsu massage thus refreshes and rejuvenates the face by releasing the vital energy flow. It brings about balance within all the important organs of body.

There are some basic rules before a person practices shiatsu. Clothing should be loose fitting and should be made from cotton fiber. It helps the energy to flow smoothly. The room should be quiet with adequate space. It should not be received or given soon after a large meal. In such case, the therapy should be delayed for 4 to 5 hours.

Technique Of Shiatsu Facial Massage

During Shiatsu facial massage, the therapist will first locate the meridian points with fingers. Then, apply gentle pressure; bearable to the recipient; on various meridian points While applying pressure, kneads the points using small circular movements. Each point is massaged for a minute or two for optimum results.

There are dozens of points on the face, each associated with treatment of some kind of problem or imbalance. Some important points taken care of during massage are located above the eyebrows, in the middle of the eyebrows and temples of the forehead.

Points around the eyes massaged in circular movements, points on both sides of the bridge of your nose, also pressure points on both sides of nostrils, circular movements on the cheek bones, point just below the nose and so on.

Benefits Of Shiatsu Facial Massage

Shiatsu massage provides not only cosmetic benefits related to the skin and appearance but also addresses important health concerns. Here is a list of benefits from a Shiatsu facial massage.

Pressing thumb and finger on face will stimulate certain meridian points which may help the energy flow and keep the face fresh.

  • It increases the blood flow in the face and neck region.
  • With shiatsu facial massage the facial skin becomes smooth and supple. The facial skin appears bright and radiant.
  • The muscles of eyes and face are completely relaxed after shiatsu.
  • If your eyes are strained and stressed then the best solution for it is shiatsu.
  • With shiatsu massage the muscles of neck are relaxed.
  • This therapeutic massage also clears nasal air passages and it is beneficial in patients suffering from sinusitis.
  • Facial shiatsu massage also enables liver and gall bladder functioning.
  • Relieves stress, anxiety and tension headaches.

Overall with shiatsu facial massage there is complete relaxation of mind and body.