Reiki Massage Therapy Benefits: Techniques Of Reiki Healing

Reiki massage is considered to be one of the restorative natural healers among several facets of alternative therapies. Reiki is centered on the belief of universal life energy. This unseen vital force or vital energy flows throughout the body which keeps us alive. But when the vital force or energy is low a person has deviated state of health. Having high level of life energy keeps our mind and body active and healthy.

Reiki massage is different from other forms of massages. It is based on the idea of transmission of energy by ‘laying of hands’.

The energy is transferred from the practitioner to the patient by holding hands. After Reiki massage the patient feels joyful and lively. He experiences as if the battery of his body is fully charged.

Reiki massage has its origin in Japan. A theologist in Japan called Dr Mikao Usui rediscovered the art of healing few hundred years ago, which was known to few Tibetan monks thousands of year ago. Reiki is considered spiritual therapy. In fact the meaning of Reiki is “spiritually guided life force”.

Health Benefits Of Reiki Massage Therapy

This safe and natural method has several health benefits.

It has its effect not only at physical level but also on emotions, and your spirituality.

Here are important health benefits of Reiki massage:

  • It works at the subconscious level.
  • After Reiki massage, the person feels extremely relaxed mentally and physically.
  • It helps in relieving pain, especially chronic pain which includes backache, knee joint pain and even pain resulting from cancer.
  • It allows easy flow of life energy throughout the body as energy blockages are removed.
  • Reiki massage is extremely beneficial for patients suffering from hypertension. It lowers high blood pressure.
  • The therapy assists in removing toxins and waste materials from the system and thus boosts the healing of injury and wounds.
  • People suffering from insomnia and other sleep related problems find relief after Reiki massage.
  • It uplifts the mood and relieves stress, depression and anxiety.
  • Reiki massage provides relaxation of muscles and thus alleviates muscular aches and pains.

Techniques Of Reiki Healing

Reiki massage technique consists of channeling the universal energy from Reiki practitioner to the patient. The practitioner acts as a channel for transferring the universal energy to the patient. Reiki massage technique is somewhat different from other types of massage which involves kneading and applying pressure on body parts.

Since Reiki is based on spirituality, the practitioner lays his hands on the patients palm or on the affected body parts to transmit the energy from the universal source. In other words it is just like touch therapy where the Reiki master channelizes good energy to heal the diseased state.

The hands are instrument of healing in Reiki massage. No clothing needs to be removed. Some Reiki masters prefer placing their palm on right spots that are diseased or painful.

  • The patient is told to lie down on a massage table.
  • The practitioner washes his hands. There is physical effect of his cleaning as well as it makes the hands pleasant.
  • Patient remains clothed throughout the session.
  • The surrounding environment is made soothing with candlelight and aromatherapy. It relaxes the mind and body before actual beginning of Reiki session.
  • The Reiki master than recites some prayer.
  • He then touches different areas of the body or the palm to transfer the energy.

Many patients undergoing the therapy feel warmth during the session.