Different Types Of Massage Tables: How To Choose And Take Care?

Most massage therapies are administered by making the recipient lie down on a massage table. Hence, massage table is extremely important equipment of any massage session. It is therefore essential to ensure that the massage table provides comfort to the recipient as well as convenience for massage therapist.

Various Types Of Massage Tables

Many types of massage tables are available in the market and common types are stationary massage tables, portable massage tables or electric lift massage tables.

  • Portable tables are ideally suited to those therapists who provide massage services at home or in offices of their clients.
  • While stationary massage tables are more appropriate for therapists who have their own massage parlor or office.
  • Comparatively speaking portable massage tables are less expensive, can be transported easily to other places and can be used as in massage spas and parlors as well.
  • Stationary massage tables on the other hand are more expensive, sturdier, come with a lot more accessories and in a variety of options.

How To Choose A Massage Table?

There are numerous manufacturers producing various types of massage tables to suit the needs of therapists and recipients. It is important to compare the pros and cons of different massage tables.

This will ensure that you select a table that suits all your massage requirements and provides value for money. Following are certain basic but very important things to consider while buying a massage table:

  • Table specification:Remember to check that the table length, width, height, weight, foam thickness are as per average industry standards.  Length, width and height of the table should be comfortable for all patients as well as the massage therapist to move around while providing the massage.
  • Type of massage: It is important to know what type of massages you are going to implement. Accordingly you will know whether you need to adjust the height, or need folding parts or any more special features.
  • Accessories: Does the massage table provide all the accessories you need for your massage routines?  Some massage table packages may offer very basic accessories.
  • Warranty & after sales service: Understand the warranty terms and conditions and after sales service facilities clearly before buying a massage table. If any problems or issues crop up, it will help resolve problems easily.

Accessories required: Some very common accessories required along with massage tables are adjustable rests for the face, arms and feet. Also required are face holes, pregnancy accommodations, bolsters, carrying case, upholstery, cushions, warmers and headrests.

How To Take Care Of The Massage Table?

It is important to take good care of your massage table to ensure that it lasts long and is in top working condition.

  • Keep the table surface nice and clean, it will be pleasing experience for the clients.
  • Clean table fabric after each use with mild soap water or with special massage table cleaners.
  • Use table sheets to cover the table fabric, it prevents stains from massage oil or lotions and delays wear and tear.
  • Conduct regularly checks on table frame, its legs, braces, connections and perform required maintenance to make sure they are in good condition to avoid mishaps.