Massage For Sinus Relief | Sinus Congestion Massage Therapy

You know how irritated you feel when your sinuses are blocked and you have trouble to breathe through nose. Taking over the counter medications may give temporary relief but may cause more drowsiness and stuffy nose, due to thick mucus in the sinus passage.

Sinus Massage Therapy

Due to this mucus built up there is pain in the sinuses, when sinuses get infected they give rise to fever and pain in orbit and around it.

Draining the sinus with massage is the natural way to treat the condition, pain is also relieved as mucus gets drained.


Massage For Sinus Relief

For this you simply need to place middle finger of both the hands in the centre of your forehead.

Gradually move your finger along the line of your eye brows, in gentle rhythmic motion. Then bring back the fingers to the centre in the same manner. Now same way follow it along the nose till the base of nose. Return back to the centre of the forehead with similar gentle motion.

Natural Sinus Remedies

  • You can use essential oil of eucalyptus while massaging, it is useful in relieving sinusitis.
  • Giving massage with rhythmic motion around the orbits and cheek bones may also help the mucus to drain from sinuses.
  • Alternately you can gently rub the tip of your nose, in clockwise and anticlockwise for ten minutes, this massage method for sinus congestion and headache works well in young and elderly individuals.

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