Massage For Muscle Strain: Benefits Of Deep Muscle Massage Therapy

Muscles are group of body tissues which are attached to the bones and they are responsible for body movements.

Voluntary contraction of muscles involves number of factors performing together to complete an action of a muscle. These factors are motor neurons of the nerves, calcium ions and proteins present in muscles.

When the monotony between these factors is disturbed due to some reason, muscle spasm occurs.

Muscle Strain And Muscle Pain Massage Therapy

  • The most common sites of muscle spasm is legs, back, neck and arm, although any muscle of the body can go into spasm.
  • Pain is the first symptom in muscle spasm; swelling and soreness, with temporary immobility follow pain.
  • Usually muscle spasm occurs due to fatigue of muscles, like performing rigorous activity, poor oxygen supply, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and muscle trauma are other few reasons of muscle spasm.

Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Muscle Spasm

Benefits of muscle massage therapy include:

  • Massage for muscle spasm is one of the simplest treatment to bring back the contractility and function of the muscle to normal.
  • Massage for muscle strain improves its flexibility, relaxes the muscle, besides leaving the person fresh and sporty.
  • Massage therapy boosts up performance and stamina.
  • It speeds up the healing process.
  • Muscle strain massage reduces chances of injury.
  • Massage therapy improves blood and oxygen circulation.

Deep Muscle Massage For Muscle Strain

There are several varieties of massages, in some you hand over yourselves to the masseur for kneading and slathering, while in other massages you have to bend, twist and turn under the masseur’s direction.

Deep tissue massage in muscle strain with aromatic almond oil helps to regulate the circulation and relieves the pain.