Massage For Kidney Infection: Kidney Stone Pain Relief Massage

When an infective pathology is involved, it is always wise to confirm the disease before starting any alternative therapy, for e.g. in case of kidney infection massage therapist should differentiate kidney pain and low muscular backache, because the massage for both the disease will differ.

Beside this he should be aware of the cause of kidney infection such as stone, or bacteria involved, before starting massage therapy.

Massage For Kidney Infection

Massage therapy is best suited in case of a person having kidney stone, and the masseur should avoid other conditions of like kidney failure or kidney infection, if edema or swelling is present in parts of body.

People prone to kidney stone are the candidate for massage, preferably in asymptomatic state.

Some advocate massage for kidney stone in acute painful stage, to get relief from kidney pain, following is the massage technique.

Kidney Stone Pain Relief Massage

  • In reflexology kidney area is on the central region of sole. And in acupressure the kidney point is one third below the toes in the center. Stimulating this point with pressure of finger or thumb, will give relief in kidney stone pain.
  • In Chinese medicine, pressure points are located below the knee joint and in the back side of knee. Gentle invigoration effectively calms the kidney stone pain.
  • In case of polycystic kidney disease, lymphatic drainage massage helps to remove toxins from body and decreases overload on kidney.
  • Abdominal massage is avoided in kidney infection.
  • Any type of massage is contraindicated in renal failure.