Massage For Scars | Cross Friction Massaging Of Scar Tissue

A scar is an adhesion or a band of fibrous tissue, which binds various muscular fibers together, which in turn hampers their ability to contract effectively and restricts their mobility. Scar tissue tends to limit the flexibility of the joint, which can result in conditions like chronic back pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, etc

Massaging Scar Tissue

Massage for scar tissue can help degenerate the scars and also prevent the formation of scars after an injury. Studies have shown that scar tissue is less elastic, weaker and susceptible to frequent injury compared to normal healthy tissue, which may be the reason for chronic pain, which may last for several years.

Cross Friction Massage For Scars

Cross fiber friction massage, is considered to be one of the most effective massage therapy for management of scars. This therapy can be uncomfortable and hence needs to be done in the presence of a trained and qualified massage therapist. Only after the tolerance level increases, can an individual attempt to go in for self massage. Here are a few steps involved in the process,

  • Avoid the use of coconut oil or any other lubricating oil, while using this technique.
  • Use the forefinger and the middle finger to massage the affected area in a counter-clockwise direction, so as to go across the grain of the muscle
  • Apply pressure, as per the level of pain tolerance.
    Increase the pressure and involve the deeper muscle tissue as the pain tolerance increases
  • Practice this for about ten to twenty minutes each day.