Massage For Pinched Nerve: Sciatic Nerve Pain Massage Therapy

A therapeutic massage promises to alleviate pain associated with nerve damage. Irrespective of the cause of the pain you experience from nerve damage or sciatica, massage therapy is known to offer significant benefits.

Massaging the affected area, helps the muscles to relax and release strain, it relieves pressure on the affected nerve points, enhances circulation of blood in the affected area and releases endorphins or ‘feel good hormones’.

However, having said this, you must take the utmost care and precaution before visiting a massage therapist. Understand your ailment, the causative factors; the aggravating factors, and consult your physician before starting massage.

Neglect could result in grave damage to the spinal cords.

Using warm sesame oil to which nutmeg is added; for the massage, yields tremendous and long term benefits in cases of nerve damage.

Sciatic Nerve Massage Therapy

Sciatica occurs when an inter-vertebral disc prolapses or protrude from it’s position in the vertebral column and puts pressure on the nerve root in the lower back, which is a part of the sciatic nerve.

Since, the lower back, buttocks and invariably the thighs are affected when the sciatic nerve is impinged, the massage therapist will start massaging by applying gentle pressure on these areas.

Massage For Sciatica Pain Relief

  • Massage therapy for sciatica pain relief can be done by massaging the back part of the leg, from the back of the thigh down to the lower leg part. For best results, do this after taking a hot bath.
  • Place each hand on the outer part of your upper knee in such a way that your thumbs are on the front of your legs, while your remaining fingers are at the back side of your knee. Apply slight pressure while pulling your fingers outward while inching their way up to your hip. Do this for at least 15 minutes. Add more pressure as your legs get used to the pressure.

Pinched Nerve Massage Therapy

The therapist will adjust the degree of pressure, depending on your sensitivity. Occasionally, deep vibrations which make their way in to the deeper tissue, bring remarkable relief.

The masseur will also concentrate on the Piriformis muscle, and will massage along the edge of the sacral bone, a large, triangle-like bone at the base of the spine. Its upper part joins the last lumbar vertebra, and bottom part, connects to the coccyx. The therapist adjusts the pressure and changes the technique depending on the patient and how you will respond to the massage.