Massage For Labor: Foot Massage Therapy For Labor Induction

There are different techniques to induce labor naturally. Massage therapy and acupressure are also considered to be effective in inducing labor however; there is little documented evidence about it. Massaging is considered to be a safe way of inducing labor.

Massage For Labor

Here are a few steps in massaging for inducing labor

  • As the pregnant female to lie on her side in the best comfortable way. Massage the back and the shoulder. This will provide relief from back pain and gastric burning. Massage gently in circular motions using the tip of the fingers
  • Now, request the pregnant female to sit up and bend forward.
    This will expose the vertebral spine. Using your thumbs, apply pressure on either side of the spine and move from the shoulder, down to the lumbar region. One could use elbow or knuckles of the hand. This will stimulate uterine contractions and hastens the delivery of the baby.

Foot Massage For Labor Induction

Foot massage is considered to be highly effective in the induction of labor. Here are a few points,

  • The first point is located about 1 centimeter behind the lateral aspect of the smallest toe nail. Stimulating this point is known to reduce the labor pain and hasten the onset of labor
  • The second point is located between the first and second metatarsal bone.
    Stimulating this point enhance contraction during labor

In addition hand massage can be used to stimulate and induce labor. Massage when used in conjunction with caster oil is considered to be highly beneficial to induce labor quickly.