Massage For Hip Pain: Deep Tissue Massage Therapy For Hip Pain

Massage therapy is effective in management of chronic pain and problems with limited mobility of the hip joint. Massage therapy also hastens recovery and strengthens the muscle tissue to prevent repetitive injuries in future. It is considered the best solution to treat muscle tension and spasms.

Deep Tissue Massage For Hip Pain

Deep tissue massage is a massaging therapy which works towards realignment of deep muscle and connective tissue layers. It is useful in management of chronic pain. The technique involves using deep pressure coupled with slow strokes on the problem areas.

Tips for deep tissue massage for hip pain are as follows,

  • Identify the trigger points or specific points which are painful on the hip joint.
    In order to do this, lie down in supine position with your back straight and gentle put pressure using one finger on areas surrounding the hip joint
  • Once the trigger points are identified, gently massage these points using the tips of the finger. Don’t put too much pressure. Instead begin with gentle pressure and gradually increase the pressure depending upon the pain tolerance
  • Massage the trigger points slowly, in unidirectional strokes.
  • Gradually increase the frequency and duration of the massage.

Hip Pain Massage Therapy

Massage therapy will break down the adhesions which in turn will be beneficial in reducing pain and restoring the normal movement of the joint.

It is important to note that during the initial phase of the massage therapy, individuals may experience pain and discomfort, which would gradually wear off as the frequency of the therapy increases.