Massage For Groin Pull | Massage Therapy For Groin Strain

A groin pull affects the ‘Adductor’ muscles, in particular. The adductor muscles are situated on the inner side of the thigh, and they assist in bringing the limbs together.

What Causes Groin Pull?

  • Athletes or those who take part in sports requiring lots of running / quick change of direction are vulnerable to groin strains. Jumping, kicking and swift increase or decrease of velocity causes injury to the muscles of the groin.
  • A fall, twisting, landing awkwardly, or flexing whilst pressure is exerted on to the muscles are other significant causes.

Massage For Groin Pull

Ice massage 3 times everyday and muscle stimulation using the surge current at 7, together with ultrasound once daily followed by light exercise, 2 times daily is recommended.

Whilst, a sports massage for groin pain hastens recovery and healing, it is necessary to wait for about four days before starting the massage treatment. Massaging an acute injury causes aggravation.

Massage Therapy For Groin Strain

  • A stretch is an effective way to start a massage for a groin strain.
  • Fold the knee, and instruct the patient to relax.
    Allow the knee to fall out, to the side.
  • Now, support the knee and use mild pressure to push the leg as far as bearable.
  • Rest your hand securely at the patient’s hip; and grip the inner side of the knee with your other hand.
  • Tell the patient to push in to your palm, trying to bring the leg towards the center.
  • As the patient applies pressure for 10 seconds, hold the leg in place, and then relax, letting the leg drop a bit further, and stretching the groin.
  • Repeat 5 times. This technique hastens cure.