Massage For Erectile Dysfunction: Massage Therapy Remedies

Erectile Dysfunction is a medical term for inability to get or hold an erection long enough for sexual pleasure and lovemaking. It is a symptom which is associated with some form of physical or psychological problem. More often than not, erectile dysfunction is associated with physical disturbance or problem.

Massage For Erectile Dysfunction

Occasional erectile dysfunction is a common feature. It is a matter of concern when the condition persists for longer duration of time. Massage therapy has been found to be fairly effective in the management of the condition. Here are a few massage points which can help in the management of the condition,

  • The first point is located on the lower back about one and a half centimeter from the tip of the second lumbar vertebra
  • The second point is located in the 1.5 centimeters from the posterior midline, at the level of the sacral foramen
  • The third point is located one centimeter above the pubic symphisis on either sides of the midline.

Erectile Dysfunction Massage Therapy

Massaging the aforementioned spots in a fixed sequence for about twice a day tends to improve the erectile functions. The points are to be massaged using the thumb or index finger, with gentle pressure. With each subsequent massage, pressure can be gradually increased. In addition to improving the erectile functions, these points stimulate other organs of the body including the kidneys, lungs, urinary bladder and eyes.