Massage for Babies: How to Massage Baby With Olive, Almond Oil Massage

How To Massage Babies?

  • Before giving massage for babies, prepare everything that you are going to need such as the essential oil or vegetable oil, extra clothes, wipes, and diapers.
  • Make sure that you remove all your rings, bracelets, and other jewelries before applying oil massage for babies. You should also see to it that your nails are short and your hair is well kempt in order not to accidentally hurt your baby.
  • Lay your baby with her face up on a soft towel or changing mat before taking her clothes off.
  • Essential oil or olive oil massage for babies should start by putting half a teaspoon of oil on your palm.
    You can just add more oil later as needed.
  • Make sure that you use applicable oils for babies. Some essential oils for adults are not recommended to be used on young children.
  • Apply gentle but firm stokes using your palms or fingers on your baby’s chest and stomach. Make gentle circular movements on your baby’s shoulders then move along the arms, legs. Use upward movements when applying gentle massage on your baby’s back.
  • Almond oil for massaging babies is ideal since almond oil is gentle on the skin.
  • Do not apply heavy pressure on the baby’s delicate body.
    You should also avoid the spine area as it could cause physical deformity.
  • To keep your baby preoccupied and assured, talk or sing to her and you should also maintain a good eye contact with her.