Massage For Asthma | Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Asthma

Touch Institute in United States has conducted several studies on children and observed that muscle relaxation techniques, using massage therapy, helped in reducing stress levels and thereby were effective in the management of Asthma in Children.

Benefits Of Massage For Asthma

Massage therapy provides significant benefits for the effective management of asthma. They include

  • Providing warmth to the respiratory tract, through friction, which reduces the brochospasm response
  • It aids in reducing dryness of the respiratory passage and fights dry cough
  • Enhances the ability of the respiratory tract to discharge sputum and relives blockage in the airways.

Massaging using hot oils tends to further aid in providing beneficial results.

Asthma Massage Therapy

In order to provide an efficient massage therapy for asthma it is important to massage the entire chest, including either sides of the chest wall. It is equally important to massage the posterior part of the chest from the nape of the neck to the ribs. Here are a few guidelines for massage to help in the management of Asthma,

  • Massage strokes on the chest should be directed from above downwards
  • Massage strokes should be directed along the ribs while massaging the sides of the chest wall.
    Massage strokes should start from the centre and move towards the periphery
  • Ensure that each intercostals space is massaged
  • Add a pinch of rock salt to coconut oil and use this for massaging. It enhances expectoration of dry mucus
  • Using steam inhalation in concordance with the massage therapy will provide better results.
  • Dietary restrictions are essential, which include avoiding cold foods like ice cream, aerated drinks, beer, etc.