Feet Pressure Points Massage: Benefits Of Foot Massage Therapy

In this article, let us understand the nuances of what is a foot massage, what is the need and benefit derived from a foot massage.

Manually, manipulating or kneading the soft tissues in your feet to relieve discomfort, pain, stress and promote wellness and health is known as foot massage.

Foot Massage Therapy
Foot Massage Therapy

Massage has the power to free you from the stress that has been built up on your feet.

Actually, massage is a way to manage and deal with intense pain. Massage causes physiological effects that help in comforting our body.

Our foot is the major hub of important pressure points and nerve endings of our body. If pressure is applied to key regions of the foot, you will be able to see a rise in the level of activity of nerve impulses in respective organs.

The technique involved in foot massage has the ability to relieve the body from pain and stiffness caused by severe use of your muscles for a longer period of time.

Foot massage therapy has many benefits. Not only does it pamper the tired feet but also provides emotional benefits as well. The tension in the muscles of an ankle or feet can be relieved by a foot massage which reduces stress and results in relaxation.

Benefits Of Foot Massage Therapy

  • Recuperation of the body and development of flexibility of muscles.
  • Improves blood circulation to all parts of the body and benefit our organs through stimulation.
  • Energizes our body and keep it active throughout the day.
  • Helps in releasing pain and stress of the ears, temples, head, chest and eyes as well.
  • Studies indicate that patients who take regular foot massages have significant decrease in the stress levels, anxiety and respiratory rates and increase in white blood cells and natural killer cell activity resulting in a better immune system.
  • Foot massage therapy not only relaxes but also has a healing effect. This reason has initiated medical establishments to include this as one of their effective and best therapies.
  • A foot massage therapy provides greater flexibility and range of motion, also treats injuries caused due to sport or work.
  • A regular foot massage therapy keeps an individual more alert and helps him/her perform better in their day-to-day lives, goes a long way towards maintenance of good health.