Massage For Bunions: Foot Massage Therapy For Bunions

What Causes Bunions On Feet?

Heredity and wearing of narrow and tight shoes; results in the formation of painful bunions. They develop at the joint; they swell and in acute cases may cause the big toe to overlap the next toe.

Surgical excision is frequently needed, and narrow shoes and high heels should be discontinued.

Foot Massage For Bunions

Both, self massage of the foot and a deep-tissue massage are effective alternative treatments to steer clear of surgery and to manage the pain. Women are more liable to get bunions, because of their foot wear.

If ignored, a bunion may cause a crippling deformity.

Massage For Bunions

  • First and foremost, do not wear uncomfortable foot wear. No massage, of any kind will benefit you, unless you change your offending shoes. Changing the foot wear helps reduce the swelling.
  • Self massage is beneficial, but, having a professional who specializes in deep-tissue massage is always recommended. The massage decreases soft tissue accumulation that makes the bunion painful. It reduces the inflammation and increases blood circulation in the foot.
  • Keeping the foot elevated after the massage will extend the benefit of the massage.
  • Massage your foot at home with castor oil. Start at the ankle and using circular movements, move upwards up to the knee. Spend 1 minute on each area. Use medium pressure.
  • Repeat the self massage daily, until the pain starts subsiding. Ice application is also advocated to ameliorate the pain and swelling.