Facial Massage Benefits: Equipment & Items Required For Massage

A systematic facial massage involves a blend of light pressure strokes applied to specific meridian points on the face and neck region.

There are many benefits of facial massage like it improves your facial skin tone, relaxes face and eye muscles, removes stress, anxiety, tension, headaches, etc.

Facial massage gives you a healthier, radiant, glowing skin. It also helps delay the aging process by curing acne, wrinkles, crow’s feet, pimples, patchy skin etc.

A good facial massage session makes you feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. Hence, facial massage has gained immense popularity among both, male and female population.

Items And Equipment For Facial Massage

Facial massage equipment includes an assortment of products that may help in making a massage session effective.

Some facial massage equipments which are not directly used during massage, yet essential for the massage are:

  • Massage tables: Massage tables with controls for adjusting the height may also have enhanced features like a mini steam outlet, lever controlled ‘lights’ etc. If massage table is not available, a massage mat can be used.
  • Pillow: A pillow helps to give support to the neck during the massage and hence required along with massage table / mat.

Let us now understand some facial massage equipments which are absolutely essential and used directly during a massage.

  • Head Band and Towel: Before starting a facial massage tie a head band to avoid cream / oil getting applied to hair while massaging and a drape a towel over the shoulder
  • Mild Cleansing Lotion: First step towards preparing for a facial massage involves cleansing your face well. Hence you need a mild cleansing lotion to clean face well before massage.
  • Cotton Pads, Swaps and Tissues: Next, you need moistened cotton pads or swaps to remove the cleansing lotion / cream.
  • Face Massage Oils / Cream / Lotion: After cleansing, you need to apply a good quality face cream or lotion generously. This will make it easy to glide the hands over the face and facilitate the massage.
  • You may use herbal products, pure essential oils or chemical products that are safe for your skin. Nowadays, aromatherapy essential oils are becoming popular owing to the fact that they are known to have anti-inflammatory as well as anti-septic properties.
  • Scrubs: A variety of scrubs may be used during the massage session. Mixing a mild scrubber in the massage cream helps remove blackheads, whiteheads.
  • Mechanical devices: In addition to this, a masseuse may use different hand-held devices like roller massage, heat massage system, air brushes etc to make the facial massage more effective.