Benefits Of Chinese Foot Massage Therapy: How To Give Massage?

The Chinese culture has long been revered for its traditional ways to cure bodily problems. Chinese foot massage is one such way that gives immense relaxation to the body and mind. The soothing foot massage is an alternative method where the person feels extremely relaxed with decrease in body pain.

Both ancient Chinese scriptures and recent medical texts have appreciated the effect of Chinese foot massage. It is being used extensively for medical problems such as arthritis, muscular pain, backache, and pain in extremities.

Chinese foot massage in non invasive technique which requires application of pressure to particular point on feet.

It believes in the principle that foot has reflexes that are linked with every organ in the body. Pressure and massage on foot thus improves circulation and promotes general feeling of well being.

Health Benefits Of Chinese Foot Massage

There are several different forms of massage therapy which provide health benefits. Chinese foot massage has been acclaimed to posses many health benefits, besides the basic feeling of goodness.

  • Improves circulation: A gentle pressure and massage of foot improves circulation in the foot as well as in the legs. Sedentary lifestyles and wearing tight shoes all day long can impair circulation.
    A 10 minutes foot massage provides relaxation as well as reduces pain in legs. People suffering from diabetes benefit from regular Chinese foot massage.
  • Alleviates headache and migraine: Reflexology foot massage or Chinese foot massage as it is known by many has been found to reduce the occurrence of migraine headache.
  • Stress and depression: Chinese foot massage not only relaxes mind and body during the period of massage, but the effect lasts longer on mind. It reduces stress and depression to great extent.
  • Reduces cancer pain: Patients suffering from cancer have found relief in their pain and discomfort after a session of foot massage. Besides foot massage can be done even if the patient is bed ridden.
  • Lowers blood pressure: In modern society hypertension is partly associated with lifestyle and environment aside from genetic reason. Stress and strain in daily life can increase the chance of high blood pressure besides eating habits and sedentary life. Chinese foot massage comes to aid for lowering blood pressure caused due to daily stress.
  • Flat feet pain: Patients suffering from flat feet and pain in feet find relief from pain after reflexology foot massage.
  • PMS symptoms: Many women feel depressed, fatigued, stressed, and sad before menstruation. These symptoms can be alleviated with regular 10 minutes Chinese foot massage.

Procedure For Giving Chinese Foot Massage

Chinese foot massage is simple and you can do at home. Many people also visit parlor for this purpose. Here are following steps for Chinese foot massage.

  • Sit on a stool or a chair.
  • Take warm water in a bucket.
  • Place your feet in the bucket.
  • Add herbs and tea powder.
  • Keep your feet in water for 10 minutes.
  • During this period the masseur Kneads and massages the shoulder, back, and neck.
  • The feet are removed from the bucket and dried with a clean towel.
  • The masseur than tell you to lie down comfortably on the table.
  • The masseur that applies cream on one foot and kneads, massages and applies pressure on the pressure points.
  • Foot massage is often painful, but it is immensely relaxing after few minutes.
  • After foot massage, the masseur often begins massaging thigh and lower leg.