Baby Stomach Massage: Abdominal Massage, Baby Tummy Massage for Gas

Stomach Massage for Your Baby

Baby tummy massage for gas is done through the following manner:

  • Get your baby’s changing mat and lay your baby on a warm and soft surface.
  • Choose gentle abdominal massage oil specifically for infants and babies. This will reduce friction on the body and would be safe for him should it get to his eyes or mouth.
  • Put some massage oil in your hands in preparation for baby stomach massage and rub them together to warm the oil. Be sure that you apply enough oil to prevent dragging your baby’s skin.
    If you have dry hands, apply more massage oil since it would most likely be absorbed by your hands.
  • Hold your baby’s leg then administer long, gentle strokes. Start from the thigh down to the feet then down again.
  • Move on to the feet and toes. Focus on each toe then gently bend the knee to release gas in the tummy then move on to the next leg.
  • After the legs, move on with your baby stomach massage by going to the stomach area.
  • Remove the diaper then make gentle, small circles in your baby’s tummy in clockwise direction.
    Replace the diaper then move on to the chest.
  • Apply the slightest, gentles stroke on your baby’s chest in a diagonal direction.
  • Gently massage your baby’s arm but avoid placing oil onto his hands.

After massaging his arms, turn your baby over and gently stroke his back. Avoid the spine.