How To Choose Massage Oil For Babies? Benefits Of Oil Massage

Baby massage plays a crucial role in overall physical and emotional development of a baby. Baby massage usually starts from the time the baby is about a week old and may continue till the baby is two or three years old.

However, we cannot and should not use the normal massage oils meant for adults during baby massage, as these products may contain ingredients/chemicals which are not suitable for babies.

Which Is The Best Massage Oil For Babies?

  • Babies are tiny angels, special and precious. We need to take the utmost care to ensure that their soft, delicate and sensitive skin is not harmed.  Hence it is important to use natural, gentle oils that are safe for baby skin during massage.
  • Using oil for massaging will enable your hands to move gently over the baby’s body without causing friction. Moreover, baby massage oil’s natural vitamins and minerals will moisturize baby skin well.
  • It is particularly advisable to use edible oils for massaging babies because, babies are likely to put their fingers and toes in their mouth while playing.
  • It is also advisable to use unscented oils for baby massage. New born babies recognize their mothers with their smell. Massage helps develop this bond between mother and baby, hence keep away perfumed or scented massage oils till they grow little older.
  • Always check if massage oils are hypoallergenic. If massage oil is certified by dermatologists as safe for baby skin, they are not likely to cause any rashes or skin allergies to the baby.
  • Use gentle, massage oils that have a non-greasy feeling and can be washed off easily without leaving a sticky feeling on the body and without staining clothes, bed sheets, towels etc.
  • Commonly used baby massage oils are natural oils such as extra virgin olive oil, almond oil or grape-seed oil.

How To Choose Massage Oil For Babies?

  • Avoid any baby massage oil containing mineral oil. It is not suitable for baby massage.
    Mineral oil doesn’t absorb easily, leaves a greasy feeling on the skin. It may also seal the pores and adversely affect functioning of the skin.
  • Avoid baby massage oils which contain a mixture of several oils. In case of an allergy or reaction, it will be difficult to pinpoint cause of reaction or allergy.
  • Avoid baby massage oils having essential oils or aromatherapy oils. Some of the therapeutic benefits of these oils are not suitable for babies; hence best to avoid for safety reasons.
  • However, if you want to use aromatherapy oils, please consult aroma-therapist who will help choose massage oils that suit your baby’s needs.

Benefits Of Oil Massage For Babies

Babies who receive regular massage become more confident, well balanced and suffer less emotional and psychological problems.

  • Baby massage helps build a bond between the baby and parents.
  • It helps to relax, calm the baby, improves sleep.
  • Baby Massage improves the skin texture and makes it healthy and glowing.
  • It helps improve blood circulation.
  • Massaging babies solves digestion problems such as tummy ache, gas, constipation.
  • It strengthens immune system helps improve resistance to infections and diseases.
  • Baby massage helps strengthen bones, muscles and flexible joints.