Causes Of Deep Breath Pain On Left And Right Side Of The Chest

Deep breath pain in the chest is often associated with inflammation of the lung tissue. This inflammation may result in development of pneumonia and subsequent pleural effusion. However, there can be other factors that can be responsible for chest pain, which may not be associated with inflammation of the lungs. The pain may be limited to one side or may affect both the sides, depending upon the spread of the disease. It is therefore important to differentiate and identify the actual cause of deep breath pain.

What Causes Deep Breath Pain In The Chest?

Deep breath pain in the chest may be associated with many factors,

  • Pneumonia, a condition characterized by the inflammation of the lung parenchyma is one of the leading causes of deep breath pain.
    The inflammation is often attributed to a bacterial or a viral infection.
  • Pleural Effusion may also result in deep breath pain. pleural effusion refers to accumulation of fluids in the pleural cavity, which can be consequential to development of pneumonia or is associated with bacterial infections like tuberculosis.
  • Injury to the ribs can also result in pain in the chest while breathing. The rib usually moves as the lung inflates and deflates. Increased movement of the injured rib, especially while taking in deep breathes can also be associated with pain in the chest while breathing.
  • Occasionally muscular spasms of the intercostal muscles can also be associated with pain in chest while taking a deep breath. These spasms are often temporary in nature and tend to resolve within a few days.
  • Occasionally cardiac pain may be associated with deep breathes, though cardiac chest pain may continue irrespective of deep breathes and occasionally may be relieved by deep breathes.
  • Gastritis and gassy stomach may also in some cases be associated with deep breath pain in the chest region.

Right Side Deep Breath Pain

Though pneumonia or pleural effusion remains the most common cause for deep breathe pain on the right side, occasionally a injured right rib or a muscular spasm on the right side may also be associated with pain on deep breath.

In some individuals, enlarged liver can be associated with pain in the right side, though the pain is more frequently experienced in the upper abdominal region compared to the chest region. An enlarged liver can cause irritation of the diaphragm which may be mimic right side chest pain, which is associated with deep breath.

In cases of pneumonia or pleural effusion, a radiological examination can help confirm the diagnosis. In addition, symptoms like fever, cough (often yellowish or greenish in nature) with or without blood in the sputum can also be observed. Treatment would depend upon the cause of the deep breathe chest pain.

Deep Breath Pain On Left Side

On the left side, deep breath chest pain may be associated with pericarditis (i.e. inflammation of the pericardium) or gastritis (i.e. irritation of the upper part of the stomach). Though the stomach is located in the abdominal cavity, the location of the pain is often confused with chest pain.

A physical examination and a radiological test can help in confirming the cause of the deep breath pain in the chest. A history of injury along with symptoms of coughing and fever are also indicative of the underlying cause. Treatment regimen would depend upon the underlying cause for the development of deep breath chest pain.

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