Smokers Lips: Home Remedies For Dark Lips From Smoking

Causes Of Smokers Lips

  • Years of excessive smoking can take a toll on the working of the body for sure, but it can also put a negative look in your appearance. The lips, in particular, turn dark and blacken from constant exposure to tar and nicotine.

  • It is very unattractive and downright ugly. There are some easy ways to take care of the problem, but only if you are ready to kick the habit.

  • Even if you use the treatment, but continue to put those nasty cancer sticks up to your lips, the remedy will not have a chance to work.

Home Remedies For Dark Lips From Smoking

  • Once you have made the decision to stop smoking and get your body and appearance back to a healthy state, get some fresh lemons and glycerin.

  • Making a natural peel will be effective at lightening the dark skin on the lips.

  • As the top layer sloughs off as it typically does, the lemon will bring the lips back to their natural pink color. It will assist in peeling the ugly skin away when applied regularly.

  • Mix lemon juice with some glycerin for moisture benefits. The lemons acidic nature will cause some cracking in the lips, but the glycerin will soothe and retain moisture in them.

  • Do this 3 times a day for as long as it takes. Remember that it took a long time to build the stains up and they will not disappear overnight. Be patient and diligent with the treatments.

  • Above all, don’t smoke! The health benefits of quitting will far outweigh any pleasure you ever got from smoking.

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