Blood Blister on Lip Treatment | Heal Sun Blister on Lips | Lip Blister Remedy

Question: I went out in the sun one week ago and got sunburn on face lips with blisters popping out along with the blood. The skin keeps healing and peeling off.


Blisters appear usually on the lips and outer edges of the mouth. Occasionally, a clear white liquid is secreted from the blister, which forms scabs after a few days.

Treatment for Lip Blister:

  • Vitamin C supplements along with 200 mg. of citrus bioflavonoid thrice a day will reduce the duration of the sores.
  • Local application of Vitamin E will alleviates blister on lips pain
  • Plain yogurt is a good preventive measure.
    Regular consumption of yogurt prevents the occurrence of blisters on the lips, altogether.
  • Micronutrient like Zinc consumed internally or applied topically speeds the blistered lips healing.
  • Local application of Aloe hastens the healing process. Camphor dabbed on a cotton ball will also help reduce lip blister pain and hasten healing.
  • Applying a tea bag on the affected area for 5-10 minutes will help to control the growth of the virus. It contains tannic acid, which is effective against prevention of viral infections
  • Local application of Calendula or oral consumption of Homeopathic remedy Calendula 30, 8 pills twice a day will hasten the process of healing and relieve the pain.