Dark Lips from Smoking: Home Remedies to Get Natural Lips Color

Dark lips and smoking are two related things. If you excessively smoke, you will eventually get dark lips. Aside from dark lips, smoking can also cause various oral infections and health complications. If you want to get back the luster and redness of your lips, you should then decide to quit smoking. Although it could take time, you can still get rid of your dark lips from smoking by applying some home treatments that are proven to work.

Home Remedies for Dark Lips Due To Smoking

The following are home remedies for dark lips due to smoking:

  • Make it a habit to scrub your lips using your toothbrush after brushing your teeth.
    This will scrub off dead skin cells that cause the darkness of your lips. Do it this gently to avoid blisters and cutting your lips.
  • Apply some toothpaste on the surface of your lips 3 minutes before brushing your teeth. You can do this twice a day, one in the morning and another before bed time.
  • Massage your lips with a lip balm every night. You can also use castor oil or petroleum jelly to soften your lips and to get rid of your dark lips from smoking.
  • Drink plenty of water. Take at least eight glasses of water every day to hydrate your skin including your dark lips.
  • Prepare a mixture of glycerin, lemon juice and honey then apply the mixture on the surface of your lips before going to bed.
  • You can also apply a thin coat of butter on your lips and leave it overnight.
  • Massage yoghurt on your lips every morning to bring back the glow on your lips.
  • Dab some apple cider vinegar on your dark lips at least twice a day to lighten the color of your lips.

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