Benefits Of Laser Surgery For Keloid Scars: Cost Of Treatment

Scars, especially those that are large and inconspicuous parts of the body can be very unsightly. Even the most beautiful persons could be affected by scars. Scars are also among the reasons why some people have a low self esteem. Thus, removal of these scars is important to a lot of people.

Keloids are basically scars that do not know when to stop. It is a heaped-up scar that rises above the rest of the skin and has a tough texture. It is usually pink or purple in color and is irregularly shaped.

Keloids do not subside over time, they tend to enlarge progressively. This can cause cosmetic problems for many people. However, keloid scars can now be effectively and permanently removed with laser treatment. Laser treatment is widely practiced and is considered safe and effective.

Benefits Of Laser Surgery For Keloid Scars

Laser surgery for keloid scars is an ideal and often very much recommended procedure. However, like other surgical treatments, it carries risks and benefits for the patients. Mostly of them but not all patients are good candidates for laser therapy.

  • Risks of laser surgery include hypopigmentation (on dark-skinned patients),   hyperpigmentation (on light-skinned patients), allergic reactions, infections, and further keloid formation if not done correctly.
  • Benefits of laser surgery include safe procedure, effective, offer permanent keloid scar removal, do not harm surrounding tissue, and less pain are experienced than invasive surgical procedures.
  • Using laser to treat keloid scars have been done for many years now.
  • During the treatment, local or general anesthesia is administered. The laser is moved along the scar. As it moves, it vaporizes or removes a layer of skin, exposing more natural-looking skin underneath.
  • Some lasers target lower layers of the skin to stimulate new collagen growth and correcting the scar from the inside out.
  • After the procedure, the patient is advised to wash the area gently using mild soap, pat dry, apply antibiotic ointment and nonstick bandage.
  • It is safe and very effective in reducing scars and eventually erasing them from the skin. Many patients will show no sign of scar after several sessions of laser treatment.

Cost Of Laser Treatment For Keloid Scars

The cost of laser surgery for keloid scar depends on many factors but the procedure is the same. Learning about the cost and procedure is important for interested individuals before making a final decision on treating their keloid scars.

  • Factors that affect the cost of laser surgery may include: condition of the skin, geographic region, type of laser treatment used, surgeon’s skill and reputation, physician fees and facility fees and others.
  • The treatment, in itself, has a particular rate per physician but the size of the scar, its depth, and other factors could affect the costs of the treatment.
  • Also, some patients will require just a few treatments while others would need several times more. Thus, the exact cost is determined during the treatment.

Laser Surgery Process

  • The local site to be treated is anesthetized before the procedure is begun.
  • Pulse laser is focused on the keloid. The light pulse is emitted from the laser instrument. It will destroy the abnormal scar tissue.
  • The cells are burned off and new cells below the scar tissue begin to grow.
  • The new skin which develops is the smooth skin devoid of any remnant scar tissue.

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