Laser Therapy For Weight Loss: Alternative Ways To Lose Weight

The unique method of using laser treatment for weight loss is similar to acupuncture, only that the pressure comes not from the touch of needles but through the laser beam.

  • Laser therapy stimulates acupuncture points that are found on the face, arms, ears and hands, to increase the amount of endorphins and change the metabolism of the body. Endorphins function as a calming agent of the body, making the person feel relaxed and less hungry.
  • Most people would ask does laser therapy for weight loss work? Weight loss therapists see weight problems as an imbalance in the hormones or metabolism, thus laser therapy works at the core of the problem.
  • Some of the proven benefits of laser therapy include an increased level of endorphins, suppression of appetite, faster metabolism and less hunger pangs.
  • Laser therapy increases the metabolic activity and helps the body to convert food as energy source rather than storing it as fat cells.
  • It also increases the will power of a person who follows this therapy. It keeps the person motivated all the time to eat small amount of food. It also increases the physical performance and thus utilizes the stored fats in the body.
  • In order to achieve optimal results, laser therapy works hand in hand with proper diet, substantial exercise and detoxification.
    Laser treatments may take multiple sessions as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Being 100% natural, laser therapy does not have any reported side effects.
  • Weight loss programs using laser therapy can help the patient lose 2 to 3 pounds every week or anywhere between 8 to 12 pounds monthly.
  • Unfortunately, the cost of laser therapy for weight loss is not supported by any health insurance. The decision to undergo such therapy must be taken with a full evaluation.

There are many benefits of using laser therapy for losing weight as practitioners believe that it corrects functional imbalances that promote weight gain. The cost may vary from one person to another as in most cases it is a customized plan.

Alternative Ways To Lose Weight

  • Unfortunately, the natural measures don’t provide any rapid solution to weight loss. Healthy weight loss occurs at the rate of one to one and a half pound per week. Exercise can aid in weight loss, especially when coupled with dietary measures. There is no natural technique to lose weight faster than this.
  • Alternatively there are surgical interventions that can aid in losing quick weight. These are ideally meant only for morbidly obese individuals who are at risk of developing severe complications due to excessive weight. These techniques include liposuction or surgical alternations in the gastrointestinal system to reduce absorption of fats and carbohydrates.
  • Detoxification is considered to be one other therapy which can aid in weight loss in the tune of twenty pounds in a month. There are various detoxification products available in the market under the product name of ‘colon cleansers’. Most of these products claim to have herbal and natural ingredients. However their effectiveness in reducing weight is fairly questionable.
  • Finally, you could couple the dietary modification and exercise with the use of the homeopathic product ‘phytollacca berries’. These are also known to aid in rapid weight loss.

It is important to understand that weight loss can’t occur in a short span of time. You would require be determined and willing to focus on losing weight to become thin and slim.