Laser Neck Lift: Cost of Laser Platysmaplasty for Neck Skin Tightening

The condition and appearance of the neck often tells of how old an individual is. However, neck sagging and wrinkling and other problems associated with in that area can appear at even a young age, making people look older than they really are. Correcting neck deformities can now be done using laser technology.

  • A neck lift is also referred to as platysmaplasty.
  • A laser platysmaplasty differs from a traditional neck lift in that a laser is used to make the necessary changes without the use of a knife or scalpel.
  • Laser platysmaplasty is basically a non-invasive type of surgery.
  • The procedure is done using laser to deliver focused heat beneath the skin, causing the fat tissues to break away and be eliminated from the body.
  • The laser also helps tighten the skin around the neck by heating the collagen found under the skin’s surface. This causes the skin to contract giving the appearance of a tighter skin.

Laser Neck Skin Tightening

  • Tightening of the skin around the neck is usually done together with a neck lift.
  • After the fat is broken away using laser technology, the same technology is used to tighten the skin.
  • A tightened skin is necessary for a more aesthetic appearance and for better support of the muscles around the neck.
  • A tightened skin reduces the chance of the “turkey-waddle” appearance or the appearance of bands on the neck area.

Laser Neck Surgery Procedure

  • This is an out-patient procedure
  • Patients are placed under local anesthesia
  • The laser tightens the skin as it also melts the fat underneath
  • The melted fat is then suctioned through a thin cannula; cannula scarring is small and is not visible after healing.
  • Treatment typically lasts 2 hours or so depending on extent of procedure done

Post Surgery

  • Patients can go home after surgery
  • The day after, patients may notice some soreness or bruising on the neck area
  • A neck garment is provided to help keep the neck area tight
  • Fluid drainage from the site where the cannula entered may also be observed a few days after surgery
  • No special skin care is required other than the pressure neck garment
  • Results will be observed right away, but the appearance of the neck gets better over time
  • Post surgery checkup may be necessary to observe the progress of the neck lift

Laser Surgery Compared to Traditional Neck Lift

  • Downtime is shorter with laser surgery
  • Local anesthesia is used in laser surgery
  • Results are seen faster in laser surgery

Laser Neck Lift Cost

  • The cost of a neck lift using laser technology is significantly more expensive compared to traditional surgery.
  • Several factors can affect the cost of the surgery including where the procedure is performed, the extent of the area to be treated, and the laser used during treatment.

Advantages and Risks of Laser Neck Tightening

  • Patients are given firmer skin with little or no fine lines and wrinkles.
  • No downtime is experienced after the procedure.
  • Risks involved include temporary skin reddening, scarring, lightening or darkening of the treated skin.

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